SunSirs: The First Round of Coke Price Rise and Fall was Implemented on July 15 in China

2021-09-15by admin

  According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, the price of primary metallurgical coke in Shanxi was 2,624 yuan / ton on July 9, and that of secondary metallurgical coke was 2,568 yuan / ton.

  The spot market is mainly weak yesterday, and the first round of price increases and decreases have been implemented. In terms of coking enterprises, in addition to the limited production policy of coking enterprises in Shandong, most coking enterprises in other regions are in normal production, enterprises are actively shipping, and the overall supply is expected to be good. Affected by the reduction of crude steel output, the daily consumption of coke in downstream steel plants is reduced, and the purchase is mainly on demand. Across the country, the expected reduction of steel production in the future will increase, the coke supply will tend to be relaxed, and the psychology of steel mills to increase and decrease will temporarily be in the upper hand.

  The coke market prices of the two ports in Shandong decreased the day before last. At present, the mainstream ex-warehouse price of quasi first grade metallurgical coke in the port area is about 2,650 yuan / ton, and the price of first grade coke is 2,750 yuan / ton, which is 50 yuan / ton lower than the price of the previous day. The inventory of the two ports remains low. Affected by the landing of coke, the port mentality is low, the downstream production is limited, and the purchasing enthusiasm of steel plants is reduced, the intention of traders to ship increased, some low-cost shipping.

  In the future, SunSirs analysts believe that in terms of the current supply and demand situation, the coke price is mainly stable and weak in China, and the recent focus is on the production restriction of steel plants.