SunSirs: China PVC Market Fluctuated slightly in the First Half of July

2021-09-15by admin

  According to the data monitored by SunSirs (the average price of SG5 manufactured by calcium carbide method), on July 14, the mainstream average price of PVC in China was 9,012.5 RMB/ ton, up 0.14% from 9,000 RMB/ ton at the beginning of the month, down 1.23% month on month, and up 37.12% compared with the same period last year.

  In the first half of 2021, the PVC market was operating at a high level, and the price once approached 10.000 RMB/ ton. Since June, the off-season effect of the market has continued to this day. In the first half of July, the PVC market was generally stable, the price fluctuation was less than 1%, the adjustment was not much, and the price was still high. Recently, the price of PVC futures fluctuated significantly, and tried to rebound many times, but stopped at 9,000 RMB/ ton. For the spot market, the boost was limited. Most enterprises adjusted the price by 50 RMB/ ton, with little fluctuation, and the basis of futures and cash gradually decreased. At present, in the off-season, the start-up of the downstream products industry is declining, and there is still resistance to high price PVC. They just need to purchase. In July, the number of maintenance enterprises is decreasing, the supply is increasing, and the sales of enterprises are under certain pressure. The mentality of the operators is negative. On the whole, the supply and demand sides are weakening. However, the price of raw calcium carbide has risen recently, and the cost side supports PVC, which is not easy to fall deeply, Most of them fluctuate in a small range.

  In terms of spot price, the main quotation range of PVC5 calcium carbide in China is about 9,000-9,150 RMB/ ton. PVC5 calcium carbide in Hangzhou area is 9,050-9,150 RMB/ ton; The main stream of PVC5 calcium carbide in Changzhou area is 9,000-9,150 RMB/ ton; The mainstream price of PVC ordinary calcium carbide in Guangzhou is 9,050-9,150 RMB/ ton; The market fluctuated slightly.

  Futures, futures prices continue to rebound, but not enough to boost the spot market. July 14 V2109 contract opening price: 8,890 RMB/ ton, the highest price: 8,975 RMB/ ton, the lowest price: 8,865 RMB/ ton, position: 432,886, settlement price: 8,920 RMB/ ton, the settlement price of the previous day: 8,885 RMB/ ton, up: 35 RMB/ ton.

  For external price, Taiwan Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd. of China issued a new shipping schedule quotation in August, with CFR India down $60, to $1,330/ ton, CFR China down $30, to 1,200-1,210/ ton, FOB Northeast Asia to Southeast Asia down $50, to $1,190-1,200/ ton, and FOB Northeast Asia to Vietnam down $10, to $1,200/ ton.

  SunSirs PVC analysts believe that the current supply and demand are weak, PVC futures rebound shock, but the spot market is still limited volatility. As the price of raw material calcium carbide rises due to the limitation of electricity, the support of cost side becomes stronger and stronger. It is expected that the short-term market will be stuck and it is difficult to distinguish between long and short term. The price of PVC mainly fluctuates in a small range in China.