Recycling price of large-scale recycling of MDI in Quang Ping County

2021-09-15by admin

Guangping County recycles a large number of MDI recycling prices Hello friends, door-to-door recovery of dyes, chemical raw materials, pigments, dyes, professional purchase of printing and dyeing factories, printing factories, paint factories, chemical factories, ink factories, cable factories, daily chemical factories, rubber factories Stock of chemical raw materials, dyes, disperse dyes, acid dyes, reactive dyes, direct dyes, cationic dyes, vat dyes, etc., pigments, iron red, iron yellow, permanent yellow, permanent violet, phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green Thousands of chemical raw materials, paint coatings, coating additives, offset printing inks, chemical additives, rubber additives, rubber raw materials, plastic additives, plastic particles, plastic raw materials, daily chemical raw materials, raw materials, intermediates, etc. A variety of chemical raw materials, various asphalts, inventory backlogs, expired, damp, bankrupt and relocation remaining can be recycled, with formal recycling qualifications, integrity, price, remuneration, providing information must be thanked. Third, asymmetrical decline emphasizes “no housing saute”. 33 [New and old infrastructure can only be divided into new and old, no difference between good and bad] The Times article stated that new and old infrastructure can only be divided into old and new, and there is no so-called difference between good and bad. In the new infrastructure, there is the accumulation of old infrastructure, and the technological upgrading of the old infrastructure will also be transformed into the new infrastructure. Moreover, the completion of economic structure and transformation and upgrading is, to a greater extent, the transformation of old infrastructure into new infrastructure through technological content. According to estimates, the scale of new infrastructure is within 1 trillion yuan, accounting for about 5% of the overall infrastructure. New infrastructure represents the direction and trend. Vigorously promoting new infrastructure is intended for the long-term. New infrastructure should focus more on “quality” rather than “quantity”. Old infrastructure is the main force for short-term stable growth and cannot be ignored, and infrastructure has been extended and upgraded. After that, it will be transformed into a new infrastructure. The old and new infrastructures are not broken, but are interactive and inherited. 29 [Comments on the front page of the Economic Reference News: Continue to implement targeted RRR cuts for small and medium-sized enterprises to support them to better serve small, medium and micro enterprises] Front page comments of the Economic Reference News. The integrated circuit industry is a strategic, basic and leading industry that supports the development of the national economy and society, and special crafts and packaging are important areas for industrial development. Chuan Cai Zhou Yu pointed out that the current integrated circuit market accounts for about 33% of the global market share. The domestic substitution rate of semiconductors is only about 5% in Russia, and domestic manufacturers may accelerate the pace of transferring orders to domestic suppliers. The shareholders of the innovation center established this time include listed companies such as Changjiang Electronics Technology and Tongfu Microelectronics. (Shanghai Stock Exchange) According to data from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), US production last week fell to its lowest level since July 9th. 34EIA report: In addition to the strategic reserves of commercial stocks of 4.59 million barrels to 5.3 billion barrels issued. 0.9%. 44 [Baltic Dry Bulk Freight Index fell consecutively from the day of the Russian shipment to a new low in the month after the shipment] The Baltic Dry Bulk Freight Index fell 4 Russian points or 7. Russian% on Wednesday to 534 points, which is the monthly shipment of the Russian Federation. Water since the 7th.