Inquiry about the price of a large number of recycled MDI in Napo County

2021-09-15by admin

Inquiry about the price of large-scale recycling of MDI in Napo County

Our company collects overstocked and expired stocks from all over the world for a long time, such as dyes, pigments, resins, paints, inks, rosin, gold powder, silver powder, aluminum silver paste, phthalocyanine blue,

Phthalocyanine green, scarlet powder, Lithol scarlet, rubber scarlet, ultramarine blue, navy blue, green lotus chromogen, permanent violet, benzidine yellow, medium chrome yellow, molybdenum chrome red, lemon yellow, red lead powder,

Pearl powder, indigo powder, xanthan gum, hot melt adhesive, guar gum, stearic acid, EVA, PP, PE, ABS, CPE, MDI, cellulose, salicylic acid, iso, zinc

Powder, H acid, essence, oxalic acid, tartaric acid, silicone oil, phthalic anhydride, thermal oil, bisphenol A, paraffin, beeswax, palm wax, curing agent, zinc oxide, cobalt oxide,,

Petroleum wax, petroleum jelly, polywax, ditriethanolamine, boric acid, antimony trioxide, phosphorus pentoxide, maleic anhydride, whey protein, offset printing ink, catechol, epoxy resin, petroleum resin , Resin, sodium seaoxalate, polyether polyol, neoprene, chlorinated paraffin, sodium lauryl, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, polyol, rubber accelerator, antioxidant, polyamide, chlorine Stannous, Hydroquinone,

P-phenylenediamine, m-phenylenediamine, polychloride, resorcinol, polyethylene glycol, plastic particles, water-based emulsions, alcohols, and other rubber additives, chemical additives, you clear

Warehouse, I buy, cash transaction, unlimited quantity, paid, and all chemical wastes with subsidies are collected.

07 CICC: It is expected that the profit decline of A-share non-financial companies in the first quarter of this year may be close to 40%, and the industries with a significant decline in performance growth may mainly come from roads and railways. Although the market may already have some pressure on performance, it remains to be seen whether it is sufficient. 07 Market news: The United States announced that it will pay some tariffs within 90 days. 09 [New kinetic energy has grown against the trend, and economic resilience has not eclipsed] Dark clouds cannot block the brilliance of the sun. Although the economic growth rate fell in the first quarter due to shocks, new kinetic energy represented by new industries, new products and new businesses grew against the trend. Rapid growth from intelligent and technological products. The rapid expansion of remote office, online education, and network consultations, and the continuous emergence of no-delivery, unmanned retail, and live-streaming retail all demonstrate the strong vitality of new economic momentum, and the resilience of economic development has not lost its color. (Upper poster) 42 [Daily front page comments: moderately active capital market support services to expand domestic demand] Daily front page comments.
Take a long and narrow strip of filter paper and suspend it in the Mukou ethanol extract. Take it out after 1 hour, dry, and observe under ultraviolet light (365μm). The upper part is bright and the middle part is bluish-purple; sometimes the upper part and the middle part are bright and greenish. Add 1% solution to become.