SunSirs: Lack of Favorable Market, China PS Price is temporarily Stable

2021-09-16by admin

  According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, the average price of PS common material at the beginning of last week was 10,600 RMB/ ton, and the average price of PS common material at the weekend was 10,600 RMB/ ton, which was stable, up 31.40% compared with the same period of the year.

  The domestic PS market was slightly weaker, with a range of 20-50 RMB/ ton. Crude oil, styrene and other callback, as well as buying wait-and-see sentiment is strong, market delivery was not smooth. Part of the brand negotiation fell, the deal was weak. Yuyao market receives 10,800-12,000 RMB/ ton of benzene and 12,550-14,050 RMB/ ton of benzene.

  It is expected that the short-term PS market will continue to be dominated by narrow market, and there will be no lack of profit making shipment in some parts. Upstream styrene continued to callback, and the market risk preference was tight. Coupled with the weak demand, there is no lack of possibility to make profits. It is estimated that benzene penetration in East China market will be 10,800-12,000 RMB/ ton.