SunSirs: Raw Material Supply is Tight, China PA6 Keeps Up with Upstream in Early July

2021-09-16by admin

  According to the data of SunSirs, PA6’s domestic market in early July showed a positive trend, with spot prices generally rising. As of July 9, the mainstream offer price of the sample enterprises for CNMC 2.75-2.85 was about 15,000 RMB/ ton, with an increase of 2.97% compared with the average price at the beginning of the month and 23.29% compared with the same period last year.

  The upstream caprolactam side is still in short supply. It is expected that the price trend of caprolactam will be stronger in the short term.

  At present, the overall operating rate of domestic PA6 polymerization plant is about 60%, and the supply side is good for conventional spinning and chip products. Among them, nylon filament load 80% is relatively high, and the benefit is not obvious. The raw material caprolactam was stronger at the beginning of the month, the cost support of PA6 was strengthened, and the price rose with the upstream. However, the acceptance of high price goods in the downstream is poor, and the market trading is still dominated by contracts. Terminal factory purchase operation is cautious.

  SunSirs analysts think: in early July, upstream caprolactam of PA6 continued to strengthen, while PA6 was supported by cost side, its operating rate continued to decline, which was affected by the positive supply side. However, the purchasing of downstream enterprises has cooled down, the high price of goods on the floor is not smooth, and there is a strong wait-and-see mentality on the floor. China PA6 spot price is expected to narrow in the short term.