Zhanhe 24-hour fast door-to-door recycling of MDI professional recycling manufacturer

2021-09-18by admin

Shuida Chemical Recycling Company is a joint-stock company engaged in chemical recycling, sorting and sales. The company mainly recycles dyes, pigments, paints, inks, coating additives,

Resin Solvent, phenothiazine Antioxidant BHT 1010 1076 168 Antioxidant Light agent UV absorber Polyether Zinc oxide Accelerator Antiaging agent Isooctanoic acid

Adsorbent White oil Dioctyl resin Rosin Rosin resin Waste rosin Phenolic resin Flavors and fragrances Daily chemical raw materials Pitch White carbon black Maleic anhydride phthalic anhydride

Ethylene glycol dispersant fluorocarbon paint epoxy paint various curing agents guar gum hot melt adhesive polyol neopentyl glycol leveling agent emulsifier flame retardant coupling agent increase

Whitening agent, leather additives, paraffin wax, palladium on carbon, coating, antimony trioxide, stearic acid series, rubber series, catalyst maleic anhydride, phthalic anhydride, paint, daily chemical raw material, dye intermediate

Body, chemical reagents, rubber, rubber additives, color masterbatch, plastic additives, carbon black, titanium, heat transfer oil, waste oil, waste wax, color paste additives and all other chemical products, the company has since established

Since then, insisting on “serving your business, protecting ours, and preventing the loss of resources” is the purpose of this enterprise’s development. Xingguang Chemical is committed to sincere recycling and integrity

After years of development, Shuida Chemical’s business philosophy and honest service attitude have taken root in every city in China and won wide praise,

Welcome all the bosses to call,