Buy Desmodu MDI win-win cooperation-Ushi recycling rutin

2021-09-22by admin

Pre-washing: 1 bottle of laundry detergent is generally used for every 3.5 kg of laundry. Different brands of laundry detergent have different concentrations. The diapers must be soaked for 10 minutes, and ordinary clothes are only 5 minutes. After soaking, you can wash by hand or machine at will.
Ushi recycles the inventory backlog of vanillin, rutin, daily chemical flavors, guar gum, industrial naphthalene, fatty alcohols, fatty amines, plastic chemicals, auxiliaries, dyes, pigments, waste and expired paints, inks, asphalt, aluminum and silver Pulp. Gold powder. Silver powder. Pearl powder. Resin (epoxy resin, petroleum resin, phenolic resin, resin, alkyd resin, rosin resin, polyamide resin, poly resin, polyurethane resin) medical recovery inventory backlog, daily chemical flavor, melon Gelatin, industrial naphthalene, fatty alcohol, fatty amine, plastic chemicals, additives, dyes, pigments, waste and expired paints, inks, asphalt, aluminum silver paste, gold powder, silver powder, pearl powder, resin (epoxy resin, petroleum resin) , Phenolic resins, resins, alkyd resins, rosin resins, polyamide resins, polyresins, polyurethane resins) chemical intermediates and materials, intermediates and materials, titanium, brighteners and all chemical additives, water treatment additives. Plastic additives, stearic acid, accelerator, antioxidant, antioxidant, emulsifier, paraffin, stearic acid, palm wax, hot melt adhesive, zinc powder, etc., glycerin, nickel, copper, aluminum, silver, cobalt. Get paid!