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A large number of receipts…………Ethyl acetate,, original, butyl ester, isooctyl ester, acetic acid, ethyl

Ester,, ethyl, propyl,, tri, two,, cyclohexane, octanol, n-butanol, isobutyl

Alcohol, tert-butanol, n-octanol, isononanol, sec-octanol, n-propyl acetate, iso, ethanol, furfuryl alcohol, ring, pure benzene, aniline, benzene, styrene

Alkene, morpholine, tetrahydrofuran, N-alkane, (DMF) SK original n-heptane, original isooctane, tertiary amine, diethyl

Ethylene triamine, tridiamine, diiso, monoethanolamine, diethanolamine, triethanolamine, acetamide, 1214 fatty alcohol, ethylene glycol butyl ether, ethylene glycol,

Diethylene glycol, methyl ether, dimethyl ether, normal, right, meta, o, chlorinated benzene, MIBK isobutyl, refined

Dicyclopentadiene, cyclohexylamine, 30% methanol

Zhao Lijian said that we have repeatedly reiterated that China has always adhered to the development of relations with others on the basis of mutual respect and equal treatment. China has moved towards each other halfway and adopted more ties to deepen mutual trust between the two countries.
From the Qing Dynasty to the north of Changtong Port belonged to Nantong County (now Nantong City).