Haidong PET-PET-125-American MDI Material Monopoly

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Haidong PET-PET-125-American MDI material monopoly

Stronger aliphatic plastic materials can be applied to ropes, loading and unloading belts, parachutes and automobile tires, or to produce synthetic materials suitable for high-temperature utilization. ② Thermal performance, PLASTIC’s Tg is 190℃, heat distortion temperature is 175℃, and it can be used for a long time- It is used under 100 ~ 150℃, and PLASTIC has excellent heat resistance to oxygen aging. After 2 years of thermal oxygen aging at 150℃, the tensile yield strength and thermal deformation temperature will not drop but increase, and the impact strength can still be achieved. Keep the original 55% value.
The SKY system also uses gearless permanent magnet mechanical devices to provide better ride quality while reducing the overall impact on the environment. The World Expo will be held from May 1st to January 31st and is expected to attract 2 participating countries and organizations. In preparation for this event, Shanghai has invested approximately US$4.5 billion to upgrade Shanghai’s transportation and infrastructure, and build 2.1 square miles of Expo venue venues. As a grand event with a long history and scale in the world, the World Expo has built a platform for sharing practices and exploring new solutions to global challenges. Otis is proud to be able to support the World Expo. This event reflects Otis’ commitment to innovation and energy-saving solutions.

Haidong PET-PET-125-American MDI material monopoly

Effect of wastewater treatment of electroplating plant wastewater, metallurgical wastewater, coal washing wastewater, etc. Drinking water treatment: The water source of many water plants in my country comes from rivers, and the size changes after moisture absorption. Water absorption: Relative moisture absorption can absorb 8% when saturated.
It is said that this is a real alternative to the usual soft coloring or post-spraying methods. It is understood that this technology was jointly developed by KraussMaffei and Esslingen’s seat connector manufacturer Sarnamotive Schenk GmbH and Friedrichsdorf’s PUR manufacturer Rühl Puromer GmbH. In the development, KraussMaffei is responsible for the development of related machines, while SarnamotiveSchenk is mainly dedicated to component and mold design, and Rühl Puromer provides expertise on PUR forming surfaces for the joint project.

Haidong PET-PET-125-American MDI material monopoly

Application: Electronics, Electrical: Miniature electronic component packaging, coil bobbin, motor case, relay, trimmer capacitor and other parts. Precision instruments: computers, timers, photocopiers, temperature sensors, and housings and parts of various measuring instruments. Machinery: pump casings, pump wheels, valves, fans, flowmeter parts, flanges, universal heads, etc. Automobile:, clutch, transmission, gear box, bearing bracket, exhaust system (1) General performance: PLASTIC is a white, high crystallinity, hard and brittle polymer. The relative density of pure PLASTIC is 1.3, but it is modified. Will increase after sex. PLASTIC has a very small water absorption rate, generally only about 0.03%. This kind of plastic is not afraid of cold, and there is toughness in liquid helium; this kind of plastic is super strong and stronger than nylon;
Quality competition is a global competition. With the progress of society and the continuous improvement of quality awareness in application fields, the quality of plastic pipe products has received more and more attention. “Quality is a key element of market competition, whether it is new markets, new consumers or potential obstacles in trade, quality is the top priority.” Spain: Ricardo, Director of ENOR-CEIS Certification and Testing Agency, said. Zhanjie also said that as a global plastic pipe production and application country, cultivating technology-driven and quality competitive advantages is an important foundation for guaranteeing and promoting the sustainable development of the plastic pipe industry. The plastic pipe industry, like other “manufacturing”, urgently needs to achieve industrial upgrading, from a “big country” to a “strong country”, the whole industry should continue to improve the integrity and self-discipline system to guide the healthy development of the industry; promote the implementation of standardization strategies to improve product quality; Establish brand awareness, increase product competitiveness, promote product quality improvement in the industry, and promote industrial upgrading through quality improvement.

But only by fully considering in the design process, can all the advantages of these technologies be realized. Because after the concept is introduced, it may still take several years to officially put into production.” “Because the investment in purchasing structural adhesives is not too large, manufacturers with lower output can enjoy the benefits of new technology as well as manufacturers with higher output. “, George Kazantzi said. Today, the use of computers to design and develop new car bodies and simulate its mechanical performance is the standard practice of engineers. For traditional digital simulation technology, determining the amount of adhesive when bonding is still a major challenge. However, Experts hope that by 21 years, the finite element method and other technologies can be further developed for these application areas to provide the required calculation support for the reliability of bonding.