SunSirs: Last week, Price of Live Pigs in China’s Agricultural and Sideline Market Continued to Decline (6.14-6.18)

2021-09-23by admin

  1. China’s live pig price trend

  Last week, domestic and foreign Sanyuan (hybridization among 3 breeds of pigs) prices continued to decline weakly, with an average price of 15.00 yuan/kg at the beginning of the week and an average price of 13.83 yuan/kg at the weekend, a sharp drop of 7.80% during the week.

  2. Market analysis

  Entering mid-June, the situation of strong supply and weak demand in the domestic live pig market is still severe, terminal demand continues to be sluggish, poor sales of slaughter companies continue to depress the purchase price of live pigs, the loss of live pig breeding continues to expand, and large-scale breeding entities sell off slaughter pigs to realize further increase in the live pig market Oversupply, domestic pig prices gradually avalanche, the average price on June 18 fell to 13.83 yuan / kg, down 20.38% from June 1 and a sharp drop of 60.62% from January 1, and the decline has exceeded 60% in half a year. .

  Last week, domestic corn prices continued to weaken and adjusted. A small 0.20% of orders were placed during the week. Soybean meal prices fell sharply during the week and fell by 6.57% during the week. The cost of breeding and feeding continued to fall. The fall in costs will restore the loss of the aquaculture industry to a certain extent.

  3. Market outlook forecast

  Many negative pressures, pig prices will rebound in the short term and will continue to be weak.