Zhenjiang City Expired Recycled Polyurethane Paint-Reasonable Quotation-Complete Qualifications

2021-09-24by admin

Long-term high-priced recycling of chemical raw materials, acceptance and relocation, bankruptcy, project replacement of surplus inventory raw materials
For example: chemical factory, pharmaceutical factory, paint factory, printing and dyeing factory, pesticide factory, resin factory, dyeing factory, galvanizing factory, chemical factory, auxiliary factory, plastic factory, carbon black factory, rubber factory, leather factory, daily chemical factory Factory, ink factory, sponge factory, asphalt factory, food factory, beverage factory, new material factory, cosmetic factory, solvent factory, battery factory, various similar factories and downstream raw materials.
Both solid and liquid can be purchased, with no restrictions on packaging and specifications.
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Supply a variety of solid and liquid chemical raw materials below the market price to recycle various chemical raw materials: chemical additives, raw materials for chemical plants, raw materials for daily chemical plants, raw materials for pharmaceutical plants, raw materials for paint plants, raw materials for ink plants, raw materials for rubber plants, raw materials for printing and dyeing plants , And other chemical products, auxiliaries and raw materials that are converted, transformed and eliminated, overstocked, waste and expired. Recycling of raw materials with high prices at home, factories, closed factories, terminal backlogs, project surplus, etc., and stocks that have been sluggish for a long time. All kinds of solids and liquids can be purchased, and the intermediary is paid. It can be reached directly from all parts of the country, and the phone is connected 24 hours a day, watching photos for pricing, inspecting goods and making payments. Call WeChat with the same number, one-time cooperation for life-long friends, look forward to your call. Our company has long-term recovery of various types of hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, hot melt adhesive sticks, hot melt adhesive strips, hot melt adhesive particles, Adhesives such as hot melt glue blocks. Our company now recycles 100,000 tons of pressure-sensitive adhesive and hot melt adhesive for the society. The requirements are not limited, and the region is not limited. Welcome to inquire and negotiate. In addition, our company long-term recovery of inventory, overstock, expired, waste, processed polyurethane foaming agent, polyurethane black and white materials, polyurethane composite materials, recycling polyether polyol, polyether, polyurethane AB materials, recycling all chemical raw materials, chemical waste, etc. .


High-priced recovery of expired EVA hot melt adhesive hot melt glue sticks, hot melt adhesive strips, hot melt adhesive pellets, pearl cotton hot melt adhesive, white hot melt adhesive pellets, yellow hot melt adhesive pellets, pressure sensitive adhesive, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, White hot-melt glue stick, yellow hot-melt glue stick, high-temperature hot-melt glue stick, environmental protection hot-melt glue, hot-melt glue block, pressure-sensitive adhesive, high-temperature hot-melt glue stick, high temperature resistance.
For example: recycled pigments, recycled toners, recycled dyes, recycled resins, recycled paints, recycled inks, recycled hot melt adhesives, recycled rosin, recycled paraffin, recycled montan wax, recycled palm wax, recycled polyethylene wax, recycled plastic additives, Recovery of PVC additives, recovery of zinc powder, recovery of menthol, recovery of flavors, recovery.
High-priced door-to-door collection, cash settlement,.


Our company specializes in recycling paint types: epoxy paint series, acrylic polyurethane paint, polyamino acid paint, acrylic car paint, alkyd paint, aliphatic paint, chlorinated rubber paint, metal fluorocarbon paint, polyvinyl chloride paint, organic Silicon heat-resistant paint, Wuxi self-polishing paint for ships.
In addition, we recycle high-priced Jotun paints, Haihong Lao brand paints, international Akzo paints, PPG paints, KCC paints, intermediate paints, Kama-style paints, etc., as well as paints produced by the leading domestic paint manufacturers. Mainly engaged in waste paint recycling, inventory paint recycling, scrap paint recycling, waste resin recycling, and the integration of production and sales.
Today Chemical Recycling Co., Ltd. has always been on the premise of creating a harmonious society, safety, and achieving a win-win situation for all parties. “Committed to environmental protection, resource regeneration, people-oriented, creating waste value, realizing waste protection, service and creating a harmonious society” as the purpose, in line with “sincerity-oriented, integrity management, reputation for development, and service for survival” “Business philosophy.

Zhenjiang City’s expired recycled polyurethane paint-reasonable quotation-complete qualifications