SunSirs: June 11, Domestic Polysilicon Daily Review

2021-09-26by admin

  owards the end of the week, domestic polysilicon prices remained high, some of the loose list prices still rose, and the price of imported materials still rose strongly, some of which were up to US $29 / kg. At present, domestic polysilicon manufacturers have signed orders in June, and some enterprises have completed the signing, with scattered quotations breaking new highs repeatedly. Factory price is willing to strong, factory prices continue to rise mainly. At present, the operating rate of domestic polysilicon manufacturers does not change much, and the supply of goods is always in short supply. Up to now, most of the domestic silicon material manufacturers mainly operate their devices normally. At present, three silicon material manufacturers are operating for equipment maintenance or load reduction, and the market supply performance is tight. Downstream silicon wafer manufacturers’ demand is stable, last week silicon wafer manufacturers have increased the downstream tolerance of high-priced silicon material increased, the purchase volume is not reduced, but the terminal cost pressure is large, component procurement has a slowing trend, the upward space is limited. According to the business community monitoring, the model is a level of solar energy material polycrystalline silicon domestic current mainstream transaction price in 108000-125000 RMB/ton.

  Note: The above prices are tax inclusive