Dexing’s door-to-door recycling of MDI for long-term recycling

2021-09-28by admin

Shuida Chemical’s material recovery public period recycles a large number of waste chemical materials from inventory as follows:

: Door-to-door recovery of various expired daily chemical raw materials, products, washing raw materials, paint raw materials, paint, ink raw materials, inks, plastic raw materials, plastics, raw materials, rubber additives, rubber, raw materials, various additives, various , Various resins, solvents and more than a thousand kinds of chemical products, with formal procedures and qualifications

1: All kinds of waste dyeing cloth dyes, 2: plastic organic and inorganic pigments, pigment pool materials, sweeper materials, 3: plastic masterbatch, plastic particles, head materials, 4: paint factory raw materials, ship paint, automotive paint, Wood paint, anticorrosive paint, 5: various resins, pure acid resins, resins, epoxy resins, polyester resins, resins, petroleum resins, phenolic resins, solids etc. 6:, fructose, xylitol, flavors, Expired food, 7: insecticide, technical medicine, 8: plastic additives: plasticizer, antioxidant, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, zinc stearate, calcium stearate, lead stearate, etc., 9: All kinds of rubber and additives, natural rubber, nitrile butadiene, styrene-butadiene, ternary isopropyl, accelerator, antioxidant, titanium, 10: various raw materials, intermediates, 11: offset printing ink, plastic ink 12: day Chemical raw materials, 13: polyether polyol, polyol, cellulose, MDI, iso-acid fat, black material, white material, etc. 14: electroplating chemical raw materials, zinc oxide, cuprous chloride, stannous chloride, cobalt oxide ,, nickel, etc., nickel mesh, 15: daily chemical raw materials, flavors, etc., all kinds of waste oil, waste wax, emulsion, etc.! There are still many not written, as long as you are dealing with chemical products, you can contact our company to cooperate with you in good faith

The main content of the “Shanghai Municipal Action Plan for Promoting New Infrastructure Construction (2020-2022)” was introduced and answered questions from reporters. 10 [Shanghai’s new Basic Medical Insurance Measures will come into effect on June 1] According to the Shanghai Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau, the “Shanghai Basic Measures” will come into effect on June 1. The new version of the “Measures” completes the violation of relevant regulations by individuals. If the insured person lends or transfers or sells the medical insurance certificate for a fee, the medical insurance fee is settled, repeated visits and over-dispensing medicines are used to settle medical insurance expenses, and false information is provided to defraud long-term care insurance benefits, etc., the municipal or district medical insurance bureau shall An order to return the relevant expenses that have been paid by the medical insurance, depending on the seriousness of the circumstances, may be punished with a warning or a fine of 100 yuan to 10,000 yuan, and the medical insurance settlement may be changed for 1 to 6 months. 24 [115 million tourists received during the May Day holiday] According to statistics from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, May 1st to 5th.
07:56:36 [Central Bank: The LPR mechanism has ensured the true quotation of the quotation bank as much as possible] In response to the question of whether the LPR quotation will be deliberately provided, the central bank emphasized that the LPR quotation mechanism has ensured the true quotation of the quotation bank as much as possible to make the published LPR fair , 18 LPR quotation banks are all of the same type with strong influence. 【
Paragraph 2]
When the thermal PVA powder is heated to about 100°C, the appearance gradually changes. Part of the alcoholysis of PVA begins to melt at around 190°C, and decomposes at 200°C. The completely alcoholysis PVA starts to melt at about 230℃ and decomposes at 240℃. Thermal cracking experiments show that the lower the degree of polymerization, the faster the weight; the higher the degree of alcoholysis, the shorter the decomposition time.