Pingyin buys MDI cash transaction

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News Pingyin buys MDI cash transaction

Shuida Chemical Recycling Company is a company dedicated to environmental protection, and it is a company that re-uses resources and turns waste into treasure. It operates in good faith and is strong. Long-term recovery of various chemical raw materials, toners, electroplating raw materials, pigments, dyes, additives, rubber, paint, plastic raw materials and other waste chemical raw materials. The company currently has 80 employees, with an annual production and sales of 20 million. The company has always adhered to the tenet of “integrity guarantee, customer first, high-quality service, and abiding by the contract”. With its service, good reputation, and high-quality service, the company has sold well in nearly 30 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions!
Focusing on stimulating the vitality of social investment, seven policy measures will be introduced. One is to maintain stable and orderly transactions in the land market. The second is to accelerate the pace of land transfer for business purposes. The third is to accelerate the promotion of urban renewal. The fourth is to reduce the cost pressure of real estate companies entering the market. The fifth is to reduce the cost of land for manufacturing projects. Sixth, the investment intensity of stock land. Seventh, increase funding support for advanced manufacturing and modern service industries. 14 [Chen Mingbo: Shanghai vigorously supports the development of various financial factor markets] Shanghai Deputy Chen Mingbo stated on April 10 that CICC has joined three pilots to carry out commercial participation in treasury bond business. This is another important innovation in the financial market and will provide Shanghai financial services. Contribute positive forces to the construction of the center. In the next step, Shanghai will focus on the implementation of the “30 Financial Regulations”.
Our company wholeheartedly provides all major enterprises and institutions with: safe, fast, affordable, and thoughtful recycling services. For your benefit, a standardized and complete recycling plan has been formulated, and intermediate links have been established to ensure that your benefits are maximized. Mainly for enterprises and institutions, companies, factories, printing and dyeing plants, printing plants, chemical plants, paint and coating plants, communities, etc. Relying on the strong economic strength and diversified operation, the company takes “professional management, fair transaction, honesty-based” as the service tenet. In the long-term business activities, it has won the trust and support of many customers and established a good reputation in the industry. Word of mouth. Enterprises and individuals from all walks of life are welcome to call or write to discuss recycling cooperation matters.
Currently facing the plastic factory inventory of expired pigments, antimony trioxide, agent, pvc resin, polymer paste resin, EVA resin, TPU resin, ABS resin, bisphenol A, AC defoamer, paraffin wax, di-salt, tri-salt base Lead, stearic acid, zinc stearate, lead, calcium, polywax, matting powder, and other chemical raw materials
Dye factory printing and dyeing factory: dyes, pigments and color pastes left over from inventory, low debt, enterprise conversion or process improvement, scattered, half barrels of dyes and pigments, reduction, activity, direct, dispersion, acid, sulfur, and alkaline Kinds of dyes, pigments, toners, color bases. Various finished, semi-finished or defective dyes and pigments are also available

Paint factory raw materials: expired paint, epoxy paint, polyester paint, nitrocellulose paint, alkyd paint, epoxy zinc-rich paint, color steel tile paint and other paint materials, old inks, pigments, phthalocyanine blue, permanent red gold, Silver powder, BYK, titanium dioxide, resin, rosin, leveling agent, color paste, toluene, and other chemical raw materials.

Electroplating plant stocks expired raw materials, zinc powder, zinc oxide, zinc chloride, flat addition, chromic anhydride, chromic anhydride, sodium molybdate, ammonium molybdate, nickel, nickel chloride, glycerin, silicon dioxide, stannous And other chemical raw materials
Rubber plant stock expired raw materials: rubber accelerators, antioxidants, anti-scorching agents, antioxidants, resorcinol, hydroquinone, pigment carbon black, natural rubber, neoprene, butadiene rubber, EPDM, etc. A variety of chemical raw materials, as well as various chemical plants inventory expired chemical raw materials! The quantity of the above goods is not limited, we will hurry to check the goods and give you a satisfactory price

Recycling of MDI, massive recycling of expired MDI, Dulux paint coatings, recycling of surplus Jotun paint from industrial projects, recycling of Jotun anticorrosive paint, Jotun epoxy zinc-rich primer, Jotun epoxy topcoat, Jotun primer, Jotun polyurethane Top coat, Jotun anti-fouling paint, recycled Jotun temperature-resistant and antistatic paint, recycled epoxy mica intermediate paint, zinc powder and Jotun paint curing agent, etc., daily chemical flavor, food flavor, powder flavor, grade white petrolatum , Industrial grade petroleum jelly, waste pigments, titanium, lithopone powder, glitter powder, red lead powder, yellow lead powder, pearl powder, gold powder, silver powder, scarlet powder, iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, chromium oxide green, ultramarine, Navy Blue, Molybdenum Chrome Red, Disperse Turquoise Blue, Disperse Brilliant Blue, Cadmium Red, Lake, Phthalocyanine Green, Phthalocyanine Blue, Lithol Red, Antimony Trioxide, Medium Chrome Yellow, Lead Chrome Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Rubber Scarlet, permanent purple, benzidine yellow, color paste, toner, gold powder, silver powder, aluminum silver paste. All kinds of rubber, polyisobutylene, APAO, EVA, rosin, rosin glyceride, petroleum resin, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, ABS, PC, poly, polypropylene, S/thermoplastic elastomer antioxidant, antioxidant, accelerator , White carbon black, rubber factory additives, plastic factory additives raw materials. You, I purchase, cash transaction, unlimited quantity, welcome your call.

Enriching the application of 5G technology] Department Deputy Chen Zhaoxiong pointed out that the first is to accelerate network construction, coordinate prevention and control and resumption of production, earnestly implement the requirements of zoning and hierarchical prevention and control, and accelerate the pace of 5G network construction. The second is to deepen the application of integration and enrich the application of 5G technology. , Develop a platform economy based on 5G, and drive the development of 5G terminal equipment and other industries.
We will follow the established guidelines that have been deployed, and implement the document policies that we have already deployed, focus on building them well, and apply them well. In particular, we want to say that we will not only build well, but also apply our new type of infrastructure. Everyone often talks about 5G and optical fiber. Networks, data centers, these key areas must make efforts to make up for their weaknesses.