Recycled Inorganic Zinc Silicate Primer Spot-Guancheng Recycled Desmodu MDI

2021-09-28by admin

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Recycling inorganic zinc silicate primer spot-Guancheng Recycling Desmodu MDI With the increasing attention to air pollution and other issues, it has brought huge opportunities for the development of environmental protection companies, and the environmental protection industry is in a period of development. However, the coexistence of opportunities and risks is a characteristic of the market. Especially with regard to environmental protection industries that are heavily influenced by industry policies and have weak market forces, companies are more confused when entering the market to invest. It is of great significance to assist enterprises to accurately grasp the opportunities of industry development and clarify the problems they face. It is of great significance for enterprises to enter the energy-saving and environmental protection industry market and play a dominant role.
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The nature of silicone oil in the defoamer determines the antifoaming time of the defoamer, and the content of silicone oil determines the consumption cycle of the defoamer in use. Too little silicone oil will make the defoaming performance of the defoamer less than the required value. , Too much participation will affect the performance of the defoamer, and at the same time the defoaming property of the defoamer; the particle size of the defoamer determines the filtration resistance of the defoamer, and too large a particle size may cause the defoamer to be easily Filtration produces bleaching oil, which has an impact on foam suppression; mixing time is also an important indicator of the antifoaming ability of defoamers. Insufficient mixing may cause turbidity, oil bleaching, weakening of defoaming ability, and shortening of foam suppression time.