Fennel oil Yuzhou recovery liquefied MDI large quantities and high price recovery

2021-10-08by admin

Fennel oil Yuzhou recycles large quantities of liquefied MDI at high prices.

Hebei Shaoteng Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in recycling chemical raw materials: paint raw materials, resin raw materials, plastic raw materials, rubber raw materials, daily chemical raw materials, cosmetic raw materials, washing raw materials, electroplating Raw materials, paint raw materials, leather raw materials, adhesive raw materials, food raw materials. Recycle petrochemicals, dyes and pigments, curing agents, polyether polyols, flavors, hot melt adhesives, organic and inorganic chemicals, chemical additives, raw materials, etc., a large number of recycling, door-to-door cash transactions.
Polyacrylamide (PAM) is a general term for acrylamide homopolymer or polymers obtained by copolymerization with other monomers. It is one of the commonly used varieties of water-soluble polymers. Because the polyacrylamide structural unit contains amide groups, it is easy to form hydrogen bonds, so that it has good water solubility and high chemical activity, and is easy to undergo grafting or cross-linking branched or network-shaped modified products. It is widely used in petroleum exploration, water treatment, textile, papermaking, mineral processing, and agriculture and other industries, and is known as “Auxiliary Agents for All Industries”. The main application areas abroad are water treatment, papermaking, mining, metallurgy, etc.; at present, the largest domestic consumption is in the field of oil production, and the rapid increase in consumption is in the field of water treatment and papermaking.

Our company purchases various inventory chemical products all the year round. EVA wax dye pigment hot melt adhesive rubber rubber antioxidant accelerator alkyd resin curing agent zinc-rich primer, zinc powder, vinyl chloride resin, chloro ether resin acrylic resin, self-polishing antifouling paint, coating, PVC paste resin, light Curing UV resin, varnish, BYK leveling agent, dispersant, defoamer, auxiliary ultraviolet absorber antimony trioxide nickel sulfate, brightener, white carbon black titanium paint alkyd resin, aspartate resin , Acrylic solvent polyurethane curing agent, emulsion rubber rosin, hot melt adhesive hydraulic oil white oil silicone oil, glycerin, polyether polyol, isocyanate MDI, TDI, EVA, TPU, nickel sulfate sodium alginate catalyst potassium iodide, carrageenan, gelatin, Bone glue, carotene, flavor, menthol, borneol, bezoar, paraffin, polyol, polyacrylamide, cellulose and other chemical raw materials.


Production process: There are two main types: high-pressure tube method and kettle method. For the reaction temperature and pressure, the tubular process generally uses low-temperature high-activity primers to initiate polymerization, with high purity as the main raw material, propylene/propane, etc. as density agents, and high-activity initiators at about 200℃~330℃, The polymerization reaction is carried out under the conditions of 150-300MPa. The molten polymer that initiates polymerization in the reactor must be cooled and separated under high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure. The high pressure circulating gas is cooled and separated and then sent to the inlet of the ultra-high pressure 300 MPa compressor. The medium pressure circulating gas is cooled and separated. It is sent to the inlet of the high-pressure 30 MPa compressor, and the low-pressure circulating gas is cooled and separated and then sent to the low-pressure 0.5 MPa compressor for recycling. When granulating, the company can add appropriate additives according to different application fields, and the granules are packaged and shipped out of the factory. Allergic to sound, allergic reaction to sound, intermittent soreness, illness, dermatitis, etc. Eat more beans, cereals, hard fruits, fruits, milk and green leafy vegetables. 茴香油禹州回收液化MDI大量高价回收

公司回收化工品种上千 Kind of, our company promises to recycle quickly, at reasonable prices, professional safety and environmental protection methods, welcome your calls, and sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!