Zhangjiakou acquires MDI at a high price

2021-10-08by admin

Zhangjiakou acquired MDI at a high price-waste materials are used-everything is a treasure
Our homeland needs our joint protection. In order to prevent the loss of resources, Chemical Recycling Co., Ltd. has been committed to the recycling of chemical raw materials and dyes for a long time. It is purchased at a high price. The chemical raw materials we recycle are not limited in packaging or quantity. We are willing to use customer-satisfactory prices to reach long-term cooperation with you, promote the recycling of chemical raw materials, and reduce the loss of resources. Let us work together to protect our homeland. Come on. The price is based on quality and adjusted according to the market. Our company can send a commissioner to the factory to see the goods and fix the price, and professionally collect all kinds of inventory, expired, scrapped, and processed chemical materials.


Recycling various chemical raw materials: chemical additives, raw materials for chemical plants, raw materials for daily chemical plants, raw materials for pharmaceutical plants, raw materials for paint plants, raw materials for ink plants, raw materials for rubber plants, raw materials for printing and dyeing plants, etc. Chemical products, auxiliaries and raw materials that are converted, transformed and eliminated, overstocked, obsolete and expired.

In addition to the above, there is also the need for regularity in the processing of the entire service. This kind of waste must be used for the New Year and cannot be used directly. Sell ​​it after processing. If a company does not improve the processing, it will naturally not have high prices in the service, or the comprehensiveness of recycling. The principle used in this method of recycling is to use paint mist to spray the workpiece, dissolve and mix it with water, and fall into the sink, and the part that is not compatible with water will undergo further processing. This is The so-called paint mist recycling method is also the most environmentally friendly way to recycle waste paint. It truly realizes the use of recycled paint. This benefit not only helps me solve the waste paint disposal method, but also protects the environment for us.

On-site high-priced recycling, factories, closed factories, terminal backlogs, project surplus, etc., stocks of raw materials that have been sluggish for a long time. All kinds of solids and liquids can be purchased, and the intermediary is paid. It can be reached directly from all parts of the country, and the phone is connected 24 hours a day. See photos for pricing, inspect goods and make money. 电话微信同号,一次合作终生朋友,期待您的来电


Long-term acquisition of chemical raw materials for chemical plants, ceramic plants, paint plants, resin plants, rubber plants, candle plants, flavors and fragrance plants, Sponge factory, paint factory, coating factory, electroplating factory, pharmaceutical factory, printing and dyeing factory, battery factory, power plant, steel factory, daily chemical factory, auxiliary factory, tire factory, fertilizer factory, insurance company, offset processing, etc. Kind of waste and expired stock chemical raw materials! Same number on WeChat!

Zhangjiakou acquires MDI at a high price-waste materials are used-everything is a treasure