Chemical name: N,N-dimethylcyclohexylamine
Abbreviation: DMCHA
English name: N, N-dimethylcyclohexylamine

CAS: 98-94-2
Chemical formula: C8H17N

Physical and chemical properties
N,N-dimethylcyclohexylamine is a colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid at room temperature, soluble in alcohol and ether solvents, and insoluble in water. It is a strong basic tertiary amine compound.
Boiling range: 160-165 ° C
Freezing point: -60 ° C
Viscosity (25 ° C): 2mPa.s
Density (25 ° C): 0.85-0.87g/cm3
Refractive index (20 ° C): 1.4541-1.4550
Flash point (closed cup): 40-41 ° C.
The minimum explosion limit (volume fraction) of steam in air is 3.6% and the maximum is 19.0%.

System of law
There are various synthetic routes for N,N-dimethylcyclohexylamine, and depending on the type of the raw material, there are a cyclohexanone method, an N,N-dimethylcyclohexylamine method, a cyclohexylamine method, and a phenol method.

Special and use
The main use of N,N-dimethylcyclohexylamine is as a catalyst for rigid polyurethane foams. It is a low viscosity, medium active amine catalyst used in refrigerators, sheets, sprays, and in-situ filled polyurethane rigid foams. The catalyst catalyzes both gelation and foaming, provides a relatively balanced catalytic performance for the foaming reaction and gel reaction of the rigid foam, and has a stronger catalyst for the reaction of water and isocyanate (foaming reaction), and The reaction of the polyol plume isocyanate is also moderately catalytic and is a strong initial catalyst for the foaming reaction. In addition to being used for hard foams, it can also be used to mold auxiliary foaming agents such as soft foams and semi-rigid foams. It has stable performance in the composition, great adjustability and long-term storage.

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