SunSirs: Crude Oil Rose, and Ethylene External Disk Market Fluctuated Upward

2021-10-14by admin

  The external ethylene market showed an overall upward trend. The Asian ethylene market price rose temporarily stable. As of the 11th, CFR Northeast Asia closed at 1,146-1,156 US dollars/ton, and CFR Southeast Asia closed at 1,061-1,071 US dollars/ton. European ethylene market prices rose slightly. As of the 11th, FD Northwest Europe closed at 1,211-1,221 US dollars/ton, and CIF Northwest Europe closed at 1,128-1,136 US dollars/ton.

  The ethylene analyst of SunSirs believes that the international oil price rose and the oil price continued to rebound, mainly due to the recovery of global demand, superimposed on the shortage of electricity and natural gas in the major economies, which drove the upward trend of oil prices. Cost support is conducive to the rise of the ethylene market, so the data analyst of SunSirs predicts that the external price of ethylene will mainly rise in the future.