SunSirs: The Spot Market of GlassFell Last Week in China (September 30- October 9)

2021-10-14by admin

  According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the glass price fell last week. The average price of glass was 36.77 RMB/ m2 on September 30 and 34.02 RMB/ m2 on October 8. The price fell by 3.15% during the week.

  It was the National Day holiday last week, and the domestic glass price showed a downward trend. During the National Day in Shahe region of North China, there was continuous rainfall, and the shipment of enterprises was weak, but after the sharp decline in prices, the production and sales increased, and the shipment of traders was more flexible. The market price in East China decreased slightly, because the discount had been implemented in advance before the festival, and the price fluctuated little during the holiday. Glass shipments in Central China are general, and enterprise prices are down. The glass shipment in South China is OK. Preferential policies will continue to be implemented during the holidays, and the downstream just needs to purchase. The spot price of glass in Northeast, southwest and northwest regions fell to varying degrees, and the overall shipment was weak.

  Last week, the focus of the glass spot market was down. Due to the influence of local power restriction policies, the downstream demand is weak. Affected by the current real estate funds, glass processing enterprises are not enthusiastic about receiving orders. In the short term, China glass market is mainly weak.