SunSirs: The Supply of Raw Materials has not Improved, China PA66 Market is Strong

2021-10-15by admin

  According to the bulk list data of SunSirs, the recent domestic PA66 market has remained strong at a high level, and the spot prices of various brands are high. As of October 14, the ex-factory price of PA66 adhesive injection molding sample enterprises of SunSirs was about 41,200 RMB/ ton, an increase of 0.12% over the average price level at the beginning of the month and 92.52% over the same period last year.

  The price of raw materials remains high, and the cost side support of PA66 is strong. The operating rate of the industry is affected by the shortage of adiponitrile. Except Zhejiang Huafeng, the operating rate of PA66 enterprises decreases. Recently, the arrival of goods at each port is rare, and the inventory is low. It is difficult for the replenishment speed of imported materials to follow up the domestic gap. In terms of the demand of terminal enterprises, it is still in the traditional peak season. There is a certain demand in the household appliance industry. The seller’s mentality is strong and the offer is mainly high.

  SunSirs analysts believe that the recent high spot price of PA66 remains firm. The raw material side has strengthened at the same time, and the shortage of adiponitrile has not been improved. Due to the lack of raw materials, the overall load of the polymerization plant is low, and the spot supply side is favorable. In terms of demand, the on-site purchase operation is mainly just demand. The buyer’s feedback on the supply of PA66 with high price is general, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is strong. It is expected that China PA66 will mainly operate at a high level in the near future.