SunSirs: Strong Cost Supply supports the Sharp Rise of China PVC Market Price

2021-10-15by admin

  According to the data monitored by SunSirs (the average ex-factory price of carbide SG5), the average price of domestic PVC mainstream was 14,325 RMB/ ton on October 11, an increase of 1,287.5 RMB/ ton compared with the previous day (October 8), a daily increase of 9.88%, an increase of 13.8% compared with the beginning of the month and 112.46% compared with the same period last year.

  On October 11, the PVC market rose strongly, and the futures opened up by the limit. The highest price of the main contract 2201 was 13,075 RMB/ ton, with a daily increase of 7%, and continued to rise to a new height. The spot market also followed up more actively, with a daily increase of 9.88%, exceeding 112% year-on-year. The increase range of enterprises was huge, about 800-1,200 RMB/ ton, and the current price was more than 14,000 RMB/ ton, such as Yibin Tianyuan. The ex-factory price of Shandong Xinfa and other enterprises has risen to about 15,000 RMB/ ton, and even higher. Some enterprises have closed their plates and stopped reporting, and the market has a strong bullish atmosphere. After the National Day holidays, the price of raw calcium carbide continued to rise to 7,800 RMB/ ton, and the cost support continued to strengthen. Moreover, the downstream product industry started one after another, and there was a certain demand for replenishment. At the same time, enterprises such as Junzheng in Inner Mongolia and Tianye in Xinjiang planned maintenance, most PVC devices were not full and operated, and the supply side was still tight, which jointly supported the sharp rise of PVC prices.

  In terms of spot goods, at present, the quotation range of domestic PVC5 electric stone enterprises is mostly around 14,300-15,000 RMB/ ton. The interval of PVC5 electric stone in Hangzhou is 14,280-14,400 RMB/ ton; The mainstream of PVC5 electric stone in Changzhou is 14,100-14,500 RMB/ ton; The mainstream price of PVC ordinary electric stone in Guangzhou is 14,300-16,500 RMB/ ton, and the market price in various parts of China continues to rise.

  SunSirs PVC analysts believe that at present, the raw material price is high, and it is not easy to fall quickly in the short term, and the cost support is strong. At the same time, PVC enterprises are still in the maintenance season, the devices are running in multi unsaturated mode, and the market supply is still tight. In addition, the strong disk surface supports the rise of PVC price. It is expected that China PVC price will continue to rise in the short term.