SunSirs: Viscose Staple Fiber is Quickly Removed from the Warehouse, and Price has Risen 15%

2021-10-15by admin

  Recently, the price of viscose staple fiber has risen sharply. As of October 13, 2021, the domestic ex-factory price of 1.2D*38mm viscose staple fiber is 14080 yuan/ton, an increase of 1840 yuan/ton from before the holiday, an increase of 15% .

  After the festival, due to the increase in raw material prices and the reduction in operating rate, the process of destocking viscose staple fiber was relatively fast, the spot quantity was small, and the price of viscose staple fiber rose sharply. Some manufacturers continued to close the market, and the wait-and-see sentiment was still there. Under the situation of both supply and demand reductions, various links may raise prices, and the mentality of “buying up and not buying down” may be fermented. The quotation of imported pulp has fallen in the past two days, and the domestic dissolving pulp is more likely to fall, and the cost of viscose may be reduced. After the price of downstream rayon yarn rose sharply last week, this week is mainly for consolidation, and market sentiment may show a flat trend.

  It is expected that viscose staple fiber will have limited upside in the short term and will focus on finishing.