SunSirs: Reluctance to Sell, Boosting Pig Prices to Continue to Rise

2021-10-15by admin

  After the National Day, due to the declining hog market and the renewed support of the hog purchasing and storage policy, the domestic hog market price bottomed out as a whole, and the rebound in hog prices further induced farmers to hesitate to sell and keep prices, and slaughterhouses continued to increase the purchase price of hogs due to the pressure of purchasing. , Boosting the domestic live pig market price to quickly rebound above the level of 12 yuan/kg. On October 14, the average price rebounded to 12.15 yuan/kg, a sharp increase of 8.48% from October 8.

  After the weather turns colder, terminal meat consumption has rebounded, feed prices continue to rise, and farmers have a strong attitude of reluctant to sell. Under the dual support of cost and demand, domestic pig prices still have room for a rebound in the short term.