Xinyu Recycled AC Blowing Agent-Cash Purchase-Reasonable Price

2021-10-18by admin

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If it is thrown away, not only will it cause damage, some of the paint will also cause harm to our human body, and it will also waste resources. Ordinary waste paint usually uses gasoline as solvent. Epoxy iron red primer contains a small amount, while dipping paint mainly contains toluene, but also a small amount of benzene. Spray paint and thinner contain a large amount of benzene or toluene. If these volatilize into the air, it will seriously affect people’s health and cause hidden dangers to our lives. Therefore, the recycling of waste paint is of urgency. In fact, this kind of paint still has useful value. After the waste paint is recycled, it can be recycled, processed and reused. After the waste paint is recycled, the treated paint can be reused. This saves the user’s capital consumption on the paint and saves the company or the factory. the cost of.

With the depletion of mineral resources, the high pollution of mining, dressing and smelting, and the increasing cost of mining, dressing and smelting, increasing the recycling rate of waste will have economic and dual significance. The recycling of chemical raw materials and dyes is of great significance. In some chemical production, some wastes will inevitably be produced, and due to modern mass production, it has also caused a backlog of chemical raw materials in many warehouses. My chemical raw material dye recovery is very good. Solved these problems. Therefore, the great significance of the recovery of chemical raw materials and dyes is the protection. There was a previous survey, which said that the waste chemical oil from chemical production was discharged into the ground, and then these wastes were slowly infiltrated underground. Spread in the soil, causing serious pollution to the living water of the surrounding residents.
Waste paint recycling needs to find a regular waste paint recycling company, but you need to know that one of the waste paint treatments cannot be recycled, that is, the solid paint has no recycling value. There is no uniform treatment price, usually based on waste paint to determine the price, the quantity is high and the price is high.
Paid recovery, sincerity is the basis, welcome to call for details. Manager Li If you have chemical raw materials in stock, you can contact our company [fast cash collection, reputation first, price higher than the same industry] welcome to call. After recycling, our company will carefully classify these chemical raw materials according to their different types and properties. Our company has advanced chemical raw material recycling processing that can decompose these recycled raw materials without pollution. If you have chemical raw materials in stock, you can directly Contact us for cooperation. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect. I hope those companies with inventory backlogs and waste chemical raw materials will contact me. Plastic additives recycling 100 tons, chlorinated poly, tri-salt, di-salt, high-density poly, polypropylene, various plastics Granules, EVN, color masterbatch, antioxidant 1010, antioxidant 1076, all kinds of antioxidants, stearic acid, hard.
The recycling of waste paints will give different pricing according to the recycled paints. Waste paints are generally because paints that have not been used for a long time are used impermanently or have lost their performance after they reach the production period. They can be reused after recycling and reprocessing. And it will not cause a lot of pollution. After all, some companies will randomly discard waste paint because of the impermanent use, which will seriously affect the natural ecology. The paint contains some harmful elements that are very serious to nature. Therefore, if it is not recycled, it will seriously affect the natural ecology. People’s health.