Hangzhou rhodium catalyst recovery site

2021-10-18by admin

Hangzhou rhodium catalyst recovery site
Tengwang Precious Metals Recycling Co., Ltd. adheres to the enterprise spirit of “everyone working hard, day by day”, with the purpose of serving customers and satisfying customers, and constantly providing conscientious services, in line with the business philosophy of honesty to win the future, customer first, and forge ahead. , Sincere, unity, and enterprising spirit of enterprise, to provide our customers with qualified prices, honest service, enthusiasm and faithful cooperation with new and old customers, with rich work experience, complete information channels and economic strength, and abide by the principle of honesty, In the long-term business activities, with warm and thoughtful service and good business reputation, we have won the trust and support of our customers and won a good reputation in the industry. Based on the principle of customer first and integrity first, we have established long-term cooperative relations with many companies and individuals. We sincerely hope that we will develop together with you and create brilliance together. If you are interested in our company’s services, we look forward to your online message or call for consultation, and welcome customers to patronize and call for consultation!

A waste material recycling station at the intersection of Shangjiang Street and Xiyouyi Road, Qunli, Daoli District, Harbin, can solve the problem better. It is a garage close to two hundred meters. Waste material trading and material storage are all carried out in the garage. , Kumen one pass does not affect the outlook. It is recommended to promote the use of garage-type and semi-covered courtyard-type acquisition sites. According to reports, at the same time, it is close to traffic arteries for the citizens to sell waste materials and transport to the processing plant.
Promote the construction of two acquisition sites, garage-type and semi-covered courtyard-type. In fact, the so-called garage type has been practiced semi-concealedly in many communities in Harbin for many years. It is usually a small garage of more than ten meters. The door closing during non-business hours does not involve the problem of “unsightly”.

At present, the most professional Tengwang precious metal recycling company, we trade more convenient precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Among them, platinum, palladium and rhodium are generally used in industry as catalysts or electroplating products. For use, we usually recycle the expired materials or the scraps left after they have been used. They also contain a certain amount of precious metals. Special machines and technology are needed for their own processing. If the quantity is not large, it will not be cost-effective. Disposal directly will not cause environmental pollution. We operate in good faith and recycle at a high price.