Tianquan picks up and recovers hexadecylamine and acquires liquefied MDI

2021-10-20by admin

Tianquan’s door-to-door recovery of hexadecylamine to acquire liquefied MDI Stabilizer, initiator,, masterbatch, white carbon black; recycled emulsifier, surfactant; recycled polyether polyol, cold spray zinc paint, zinc silicate paint, isocyanate HDI, TDI, MDI, polyurea coating, silicon Ethyl acid. Recovery of white oil, soybean oil, castor oil, turpentine, glycerin, silicone oil, motor oil, hydraulic oil; resorcinol, hydroquinone, antimony trioxide; recovery of pesticides, and intermediates;

③ The gas phase method polymerizes in a gaseous state, generally using a fluidized bed reactor. There are two types of catalysts, chromium series and titanium series, which are quantitatively added into the bed from a storage tank, and high-speed circulation is used to maintain the fluidization of the bed and remove the heat of polymerization. The resulting poly is discharged from the bottom of the reactor. The pressure of the reactor is about 2 MPa, and the temperature is 85-100°C. The gas phase method is the main production line for low-density polymerization. The gas phase method eliminates the solvent recovery and polymer drying steps, and saves 15% of the investment and 10% of the operating cost compared with the solution method. 30% of the investment in the high-pressure method and 1/6 of the operating cost. As a result, it developed rapidly. However, the gas phase method needs to be further improved in terms of products and varieties. [7] Because fluorinated graphite has low surface energy and high electrical activity, it can be used as an active material for batteries and is widely used in primary lithium-ion batteries. Fluorinated graphite is mainly mixed with lithium or lithium-containing compounds to make high-performance lithium batteries . In addition to being used as a positive electrode material for lithium batteries, graphite fluoride can also be used as a positive electrode material for high-energy density magnesium batteries and aluminum ion batteries. [11]

Recovery of urotropine sodium alginate, phenoxy resin, epoxy curing agent, UV resin, vinyl acetate resin, chloroether resin, epoxy resin, epoxy curing agent, fluorocarbon resin, terpene Alkene resin, phenolic resin, acrylic resin, alkyd resin, rosin resin, petroleum resin, silicone resin, polyamide resin, amino resin, polyvinyl chloride resin, sodium hypophosphite;

recovery of toluene, xylene , Dipropylene glycol methyl ether, isopropanol, aromatic hydrocarbon solvents: iodine, potassium iodide, rosin, zinc calcium stearate barium cadmium, recycled palm wax, paraffin wax, hot melt adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive, various rubbers, antioxidants, promotion Agent, recycled guar gum, polyvinyl alcohol, cellulose, polyacrylamide, starch, latex powder, phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, copper gold powder, zinc powder, silver powder, aluminum paste, nickel sulfate; 天全上门自提回收十六胺收购液化MDI

回收粉 , Recovery of stearic acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid, cinnamic acid, lauric acid, niacin, phosphoric acid, glacial acetic acid, solid coupling agent, white mineral oil, liquid paraffin, fully semi-refined paraffin, plastic PP, PE, PA, EVA, granular TPU granules, nickel sulfate, nickel chloride, nickel acetate, nickel, zinc powder, chromic anhydride, urotropine, potassium sodium tartrate, green chromium, chromium trichloride, bleaching agent, boric acid, sulfur Urea, sodium benzoate, caustic soda, soda ash, trisodium phosphate, baking soda, recovery of various oily flavors, lemon oil, jasmine oil, rose oil, geranium oil, fennel oil, spearmint oil, brightener, soft tablets, Caustic soda, printing paste, nickel mesh, various vanillin essential oils, menthol, natural borneol potassium iodide, etc. Intermediaries are paid.
Tert-butyl ether is currently a substitute for tetralead. It takes the isobutylene and methanol in the cracked carbon four as raw materials, and is produced under the catalysis of macroporous sulfonic acid cation exchange resin and refined. The thermoplastic resin does not undergo further crosslinking during film formation, so its relative molecular weight is relatively large, has good gloss and color retention, water and chemical resistance, fast drying, convenient construction, easy to recoat and rework, and prepare aluminum powder The aluminum powder has good whiteness and positioning during painting. Thermoplastic resins are widely used in automobiles, electrical appliances, machinery, construction and other fields. The company recycles thousands of chemical products. Our company promises to recycle them quickly, at a reasonable price, and with professional, safe and environmentally friendly methods. Welcome your calls and sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!