SunSirs: China DME Market stopped Falling and ose on October 19

2021-10-20by admin

  On October 19, the domestic DME Market stopped falling and rose, and the main production area Henan increased by 0.71% in a single day. The recent decline in the price of cost methanol brought bad news to the market. The DME Market was strong, and the price decreased for several days. On October 19, the market stopped falling and rose. At present, both Hebei and Shandong have risen. The mainstream quotation in Henan is 5,660-5,850 RMB/ ton, that in Hebei is 6,100 RMB/ ton, and that in Shandong is 6,000 RMB/ ton. China DME Market is expected to adjust in a narrow range in the short term.