Jinchang inventory recovery of liquefied MDI-address acquisition of salad oil

2021-10-26by admin

Jinchang inventory recovery liquefied MDI-address acquisition of salad oil

High price recovery inventory backlog chemical plant raw materials additives, hot melt adhesives, EVA, waste dyes, pigments, paints, inks, printing coatings, brighteners,, Gold powder, aluminum paste, acrylic resin, alkyd resin, rosin modified resin, petroleum resin, epoxy resin. Phthalic anhydride, adipic acid, stannous chloride, polyacrylamide, paraffin, red lead powder, yellow lead powder, zinc oxide, antioxidant, zinc powder, boric acid, powder, polyvinyl alcohol, cellulose, sodium alginate, Citric acid, ethylenediamine, silicone oil, salicylic acid, sodium sulfate, stearic acid, plastic granules, triethanolamine, chemical reagents, carbon black, rubber factory surplus additives, plastic factory surplus additives, and other chemical stocks product. For example, the company has a backlog of chemical products for door-to-door acquisition.
Recycle inventory backlog, vanillin, flavor, guar gum, dyes, pigments, metal pigments, plastic pigments, ceramic pigments. Paint pigments, ink pigments, paint pigments, waste and expired paints. Inks. Aluminum and silver pastes .Gold powder. Silver powder. Pearl powder. Resin {epoxy resin, petroleum resin, phenolic resin, acrylic resin, alkyd resin, rosin resin, polyamide resin, polyethylene resin, polyurethane resin,} pharmaceutical and chemical intermediates,, whitening Additives, as well as all chemical additives, water treatment additives, plastic additives, stearic acid, accelerators, antioxidants, antioxidants, emulsifiers, paraffins, hot melt adhesives, zinc powder, etc., glycerin, all chemical products Recycling, heavy metal salts, sulfuric acid, chlorinated nickel, copper, aluminum, silver, cobalt, various vegetable oils, animal oils, waste motor oil, transformer oil, heat transfer oil, butter, and other intermediaries are paid! Home delivery!
There are many domestic MES companies that claim to have APS planning and scheduling, but they are basically not very reliable, because experts and lean production consultants who really understand production planning and scheduling do not understand, let alone a DBR, JIT scheduling It is not easy to inspire algorithms and engines, especially the configuration type. The company recycles thousands of chemical products. Our company promises to recycle them quickly, at a reasonable price, and with professional, safe and environmentally friendly methods. Welcome your calls and sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!