How about the door-to-door recycling of polyurethane curing agent in Zhejiang-chemical recycling network

2021-10-28by admin

Price description: 5000-10000 yuan Product brand: Unlimited
Product specifications: Inventory of finished raw materials Product quantity:
Minimum order: 1 ton Delivery method: Door pickup, freight pay by yourself

Xinshuo Chemical Material Recycling Co., Ltd. is an emerging enterprise dedicated to environmental protection, and has won a good reputation in the industry with its business philosophy (integrity, sincerity, and honesty). The company has cooperated with various manufacturers to recycle waste non-ferrous metals, warehouse backlogs, polyurethane raw materials, silicones, solvents, emulsions, fine chemicals, hot melt adhesives, plastic raw materials, and plastic additives from industrial enterprises and institutions across the country for a long time. , Rubber raw materials, rubber additives, electroplating additives, and other organic chemical and inorganic chemical raw materials, etc., a comprehensive service company that integrates recycling, reuse, processing, and sales. In order to save your company’s time and money, we wholeheartedly provide all units with fast, efficient, warm and thoughtful door-to-door recycling services. The company sends professionals to look at the goods quotation! ! ! ! ! !

, Propylene, butadiene, isobutylene, pure benzene, toluene, benzene, p-, o-, mixed aromatics, hydrogenated benzene, diethylene glycol, dicarbonate, iso, ethanol, ethylene glycol, PTA,, caprolactam

Recycled paints: epoxy paint, alkyd paint, paint, chlorinated rubber paint, baking paint, water-based paint, latex paint, asphalt paint, polyurethane paint, lacquer, fluorocarbon paint, marine paint, paint, floor paint, high temperature resistance Paint, high chlorinated paint, water-based environmentally friendly paint, hammer paint, polyester paint, and other semi-packaged paints.

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The overall market for salicylic acid in the third quarter appears to be rising in stages. In July, the upstream raw material market changed a lot. The manufacturers’ joint control of goods affected the tight supply of the market. The prices were continuously increased. The price was increased by 11.93%, which was a year-on-year increase of 18.87%. The price of salicylic acid followed and increased by a large margin. Market conditions rose in August. However, due to the impact, some manufacturers’ installations for maintenance and repairs were less affected by raw materials when stocks were sufficient, and the market price of salicylic acid was relatively stable.


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