Local acquisition of calcium salt-Mengyin recycled polyurethane rubber-chemical recycling network

2021-10-28by admin

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Price description: 8000 yuan/ton Product brand: Unlimited
Product specifications: Product quantity: 60 tons
Minimum order: Delivery method: Self-withdrawing cash transaction

Local purchase of calcium salt-Mengyin recycled polyurethane rubber

Hebei Shaoteng Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in recycling chemical raw materials: paint raw materials, resin raw materials, plastic raw materials, rubber raw materials, daily chemical raw materials, cosmetic raw materials, washing raw materials, electroplating Raw materials, paint raw materials, leather raw materials, adhesive raw materials, food raw materials. Recycle petrochemicals, dyes and pigments, curing agents, polyether polyols, flavors, hot melt adhesives, organic and inorganic chemicals, chemical additives, raw materials, etc., a large number of recycling, door-to-door cash transactions.
3. Medical aspect: Xanthan gum is a functional component in the currently popular microcapsule material, and it plays an important role in controlling the slow release; due to its own strong hydrophilicity and water retention, there are many specific Operational applications, such as forming a dense water film to avoid it; reducing the thirst of patients after radiation, etc. In addition, Li Xin and Xu Lei pointed out that xanthan gum itself can significantly enhance the immune function of mice.

Our company purchases various inventory chemical products all the year round. EVA wax dye pigment hot melt adhesive rubber rubber antioxidant accelerator alkyd resin curing agent zinc-rich primer, zinc powder, vinyl chloride resin, chloro ether resin acrylic resin, self-polishing antifouling paint, coating, PVC paste resin, light Curing UV resin, varnish, BYK leveling agent, dispersant, defoamer, auxiliary ultraviolet absorber antimony trioxide nickel sulfate, brightener, white carbon black titanium paint alkyd resin, aspartate resin , Acrylic solvent polyurethane curing agent, emulsion rubber rosin, hot melt adhesive hydraulic oil white oil silicone oil, glycerin, polyether polyol, isocyanate MDI, TDI, EVA, TPU, nickel sulfate sodium alginate catalyst potassium iodide, carrageenan, gelatin, Bone glue, carotene, flavor, menthol, borneol, bezoar, paraffin, polyol, polyacrylamide, cellulose and other chemical raw materials.


①The high-purity waste PET recycled material used to make recycled beverage bottles can be used to directly produce food-grade packaging bottles for beverages and soy sauce. 4. For insulation, dust-proof and mildew-proof coating: dip a layer of silicone oil on the surface of glass and ceramics, and heat treatment at 250-300℃ to form a layer of waterproof, mildew-proof and insulating properties. 的膜。 The film. It can be used to treat insulating devices, and the insulation performance of the device can be used to treat optical instruments, which can prevent molds and prisms; it can be used to treat medicine bottles, and the shelf life will not cause the preparation to be lost due to sticking to the wall; it is used to treat film The surface, can work, and life. 1. As agent: This product is suitable for making rubber, plastic bearings and gears. It can also be used as an agent for steel to steel or steel and other metals at high temperatures. However, since the performance of silicone oil is not particularly good at room temperature, it is generally not recommended as an intermetallic agent at room temperature. 本地收购钙盐-蒙阴回收聚氨酯橡胶

公司回收化工品种上千 Kind of, our company guarantees that it will be recycled in a fast, reasonable price, professional, safe and environmentally friendly method, welcome your calls, and sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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