SunSirs: On November 3, Spot of Rapeseed Meal in the Chinese Market Declined Slightly

2021-11-05by admin

  The average price of rapeseed meal in East China was 2882 yuan/ton on November 3, and the quotation was 0.28% lower than the previous day.On November 3, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (CZCE) rapeseed meal futures main contract RM2201, opened at 2522 yuan, closed at 2532 yuan, fell 10 yuan, the highest was 2546 yuan, the lowest was 2501 yuan, yesterday settled 2542 yuan, settlement was 2526 yuan, and the trading volume 937,627 hands, 393,036 open interest.Aquaculture has entered the off-season, which limits the demand for rapeseed meal and drags down the market for rapeseed meal. The low price difference of rapeseed meal makes rapeseed meal at a disadvantage in terms of cost performance. The cost of imported rapeseed is relatively high, and the import volume of rapeseed in the later period is relatively small, and the supply of rapeseed is expected to be tight. In the winter, the demand for rapeseed meal is not good, and it is expected that rapeseed meal will operate weakly.