SunSirs: Market Cautiously Wait and See, Price of Spandex Remains Stable

2021-11-05by admin

  On November 2, the domestic spandex market remained stable. As of November 2, the average market price was 80,600 yuan/ton, a year-on-year increase of 109.35%. Recently, the spandex market has a strong market view, and there are many manufacturers who expect price increases, and the industry starts at 8.20%.The raw material pure MDI market is stable, and traders are reluctant to sell. At present, the mainstream reference is 23,500-24,000 yuan/ton wire transfer barrels for self-pickup. The industry started 7.7% and started to stabilize temporarily. The PTMEG market is rising at a high level, and the factory has a price mentality. In terms of price, mainstream factories with 1800 molecular weight sources offer around 49,000-51,000 yuan/ton, and actual order negotiation refers to 48,000-50000 yuan/ton. The start of PTMEG industry was 7.5%, which was slightly increased.Domestic PTMEG manufacturers installation situationThe downstream circular knitting sector started 40%-50%, and the warp knitting sector started 50-60%, with a slight rebound. Customer demand continues to be rigid. Even if the power restriction policy is relaxed, the overall start-up is still at a low level, and the production enthusiasm is not high. Although some manufacturers are currently responding to increased demand for winter orders, it is expected that market demand will gradually decline as orders are delivered one after another.The current raw material market is sticking to a high position, and the supporting role of the cost side is increasing, but downstream end customers just need to buy. It is expected that the spandex market will remain cautious and wait-and-see in the short term, with little price fluctuations.