Amine Catalysts

  • NT CAT TMR-2

    NT CAT TMR-2

    Description: NT CAT TMR-2 is a tertiary amine that promotes the polyisocyanurate reaction. It provides a uniform and controlled rise profile compared to potassium based catalysts. NT CAT TMR-2 is used in rigid foam applications where improved flowability compared to TMR catalyst is required. It can also be used in flexible molded foam applications ...

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  • NT CAT PC-77

    NT CAT PC-77

    Description: NT CAT PC-77catalyst is a tertiary amine that provides a balanced influence on the urethane (polyol-isocyanate) and urea (isocyanate-water) reactions in a variety of flexible and rigid polyurethane foams. It can provide improved cell openness in flexible foams and reduced friability in rigid foams. Applications: NT CAT PC-77catalyst is ...

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  • NT CAT PC-41

    NT CAT PC-41

    Description: NT CAT PC-41 is a moderately active trimerization catalyst. Applications: NT CAT PC-41 is used in a wide variety of rigid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam applications. It has excellent blowing capability and excellent delayed curing. It is recommended for use as a co-catalyst with other polyurethane and polyisocyanurate catalyst ...

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  • NT CAT PC-8

    NT CAT PC-8

    Description: NT CAT PC-8 is a tertiary amine used primarily to promote the urethane (polyol-isocyanate) reaction in a wide range of rigid foam applications. Applications: NT CAT PC-8 is recommended for evaluation in a broad range of rigid foams. A major application is insulation foams, including spray, slabstock, board laminate and refrigeration fo ...

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  • NT CAT PC-5

    NT CAT PC-5

    Description: NT CAT PC-5 is a tertiary amine which strongly promotes the urea reaction in a variety of rigid and flexible polyurethane foam applications. Applications: NT CAT PC-5 is very effective in MDI based pour-in-place polyurethane systems such as rigid appliance. It is also used in conjunction with a trimer catalyst in PIR laminate boardstoc ...

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  • NT CAT DMP-30

    NT CAT DMP-30

    Description: NT CAT DMP-30 is an amine-based, delayed-action trimerization catalyst for rigid polyisocyanurate foams and can be used in CASE applications. Applications: NT CAT DMP-30 is widely used for the production of rigid polyisocyanurate boardstock. It is typically used in combination with other standard amine catalysts. Typical Properties ...

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    Description: NT CAT DMEA is a high purity alkyl alkanolamine. It is miscible with water, polyols and isocyanates. Applications: NT CAT DMEA is a catalyst, used alone or in combination with other catalysts, in the manufacture of polyurethane foams. NT CAT DMEA promotes foam rise and gel strength characteristics in foam molding and other insulation a ...

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    Description: NT CAT BDMA promotes the urethane reaction and is commonly used in high-water rigid foam applications to reduce friability. It has a characteristic but low amine odor, and is soluble in water and in most organic solvents. . Applications: NT CAT BDMA is used in flexible slabstock and rigid foam applications. Typical Properties Wate ...

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  • NT CAT PC-9

    NT CAT PC-9

    Description: NT CAT PC-9 is a low odor tertiary amine that provides a balanced promotion of the urethane and urea reactions in flexible and rigid foam applications. It can be used as a co-catalyst with strong blow and gel amine catalysts to balance the reaction and provide a smooth rise profile. Applications: NT CAT PC-9 is recommended for a broad ...

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    Description: NT CAT DMDEE is an amine blowing catalyst particularly suitable for one- and two-component rigid foam sealant systems as well as flexible slabstock foams. It provides system tability in moisture cured polyurethane systems. Applications: NT CAT DMDEE can be used in one- and two-component sealant foams as well as flexible slabstock foams ...

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