SunSirs: China Glass Spot Market was rising and falling on November 29

2021-11-30by admin

  Commodity name: glass

  Latest price on November 29: 24.73 RMB/ m2

  On November 29, the glass spot market showed an upward trend as a whole. At present, the glass spot market has good confidence and strong willingness to raise prices. In terms of Shahe in North China, the market transaction is acceptable, the prices of some manufacturers have increased slightly, the shipment of enterprises is more flexible, and the downstream enterprises are more cautious in taking goods and purchasing on demand. The market turnover in East China is general, the downstream prepares goods on demand, the delivery and trading is getting better, and the prices of some manufacturers have increased slightly. The market turnover in Central China has increased steadily, and the prices of some enterprises have increased. Trading in South China’s glass spot market improved, and the prices of some manufacturers increased slightly.

  The glass spot market in China will show a slight upward trend in the short term.