SunSirs: The Shipment is General, China EVA Market is Weak Last Week

2021-11-30by admin

  In late November, China EVA market showed a weak consolidation trend, with little price change. According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the average ex-factory price of domestic EVA was 21,666.67 RMB/ ton on November 21 and 21,666.67 RMB/ ton on November 28. The price was stable during the week, down 21.31% compared with November 1.

  Although the price of domestic EVA market changed little last week, the market is still weak. During the week, petrochemical enterprises maintained stability, the cost brought some support, the merchant’s mentality was cautious, mainly on the sidelines, with little willingness to decline, the overall demand of the terminal has not been significantly improved, the downstream just needs to be maintained, the overall transaction atmosphere of the market is poor, and the firm offer focuses on a single discussion. Upstream, the external ethylene market showed a downward trend as a whole in November.

  At present, most petrochemical enterprises mainly support the price, and the merchants are not willing to make a substantial profit, but the downstream just needs to purchase, and the overall transaction atmosphere of the market is not good. In terms of market supply, there is no significant change, the supply of hard materials is tight, the bidding price is strong, in terms of demand, the photovoltaic demand is expected to weaken in the later stage, and the market trend is uncertain. It is expected that China EVA market will be mainly consolidated in the short term or in a narrow range.