SunSirs: On December 7th, Metal Silicon (441#) was in a Weak and Stable Operation for the Time Being

2021-12-08by admin

  Market analysis

  On December 7th, the price of 44# metal silicon is weak and stable for the time being, and the domestic market average price is 24,030 yuan/ton. From the perspective of supply and demand, there is a backlog of silicon factory inventory, but the demand side transactions are cautious, and the operation of lower prices has led to poor shipments of silicon factories, and the overall silicon metal market is in a stalemate. In the near future, silicon plants have been shut down for maintenance, and silicon metal is expected to return to the balance of supply and demand.

  From a cost perspective, the price of coke market has temporarily stabilized today. Some companies have started the first round to increase by 120 yuan/ton. The downstream purchasing intention is restored, and coke prices are showing signs of rebound. Superimposed on the increase in electricity prices in some areas, the cost of merchants has risen, and the willingness of silicon plants to make price changes is weak.

  Outlook forecast

  With the shutdown of the furnace during the dry season, the possibility of a rebound in silicon prices in the short term cannot be ruled out.