SunSirs: Cobalt Market Continues to Rise this Week

2021-12-08by admin

  Cobalt prices continue to rise this week

  The domestic cobalt price rose sharply this week, and the overall cobalt market fluctuated and rose. As of December 7, the cobalt price was 465,100 yuan/ton, a sharp increase of 449,900 yuan/ton from December 1 at the beginning of the month, an increase of 3.38%; the cobalt price was 44,1100 yuan/ton, an increase of 5.44%, compared with the beginning of last week. Cobalt prices continued to rise sharply this week, and the cobalt market rebounded.

  International cobalt price rise slows down

  The LME international cobalt price has continued to rise recently. The LME cobalt price continued its upward trend in December. On December 6, the cobalt price fell slightly. The rise in international cobalt prices slowed down, which weakened the domestic cobalt market. The overall domestic cobalt price growth momentum declined slightly.

  Cobalt price set a new high in 3 years

  Since mid-November, cobalt prices have continued to rise. As of December 6, the average cobalt price was 465,100 yuan/ton, a new high since November 2008.The impact of the outbreak in South Africa is lower than expectedAnthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical adviser to the White House, said last Sunday (December 5) that Ome Keron’s preliminary data was“a bit exciting”in terms of toxicity. Earlier data from South Africa suggests that the mutant strain may not be as bad as initially feared. Preliminary observations of people infected with Omikeron toxic infection in South Africa showed that the patients had only mild symptoms. The epidemic is lower than expected, the epidemic on South Africa’s transportation is lower than expected, concerns about the reduction of cobalt ore supply have eased, and the positive cobalt price has weakened.

  Market summary

  The recent rise in international cobalt prices has stimulated the rise in the domestic cobalt market. The domestic cobalt price has reached a record high since November 2018; the rise in international cobalt prices has slowed, and the domestic cobalt market has weakened; the impact of the South African epidemic is lower than expected, and the cobalt market is supplying Shortage concerns eased. In general, the supply shortage in the cobalt market has eased, the demand remains strong, and the upward momentum of cobalt prices has weakened. It is expected that the cobalt price will fluctuate and rise in the future, and there is a short-term downside risk.

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