Code name of elastomer modified bitumen waterproof membrane

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The code name of elastomer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane is a foreign company. In the construction of the factory, more joint workshops are built for single-variety products, and the production system is arranged according to operating procedures: raw material warehouse, main production workshop, and finished product storage and transportation, realizing operation mode (some companies also set up inspection rooms and offices in them), not only realizing production The large-scale regional scale can reduce transportation links, achieve the goal of fast pace of work and high production efficiency.  The production equipment, especially the production line, has a high degree of automation, saving labor, high production efficiency, low production costs, and good product packaging quality, which is conducive to market development.

Product range: suitable for waterproofing of roof/balcony/exterior wall/shear wall/basement floor. Matters needing attention: Keep the ground dry during construction, without loose structure, paste it and compact it tightly. Specifications: Thick * 20 meters per roll; Thick * 20 meters per roll. Thick * 15 meters per roll Thick * 30 meters per roll. Yuexu product advantage: the newly upgraded heat-insulating aluminum foil, high reflectivity, high-strength self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, the front side adopts thick PET matte aluminum foil, which can effectively improve the heat resistance and durability of the material. The high-strength adhesive does not tear, tears continuously, the adhesive is stronger than similar coils, more durable, and resistant to stepping.

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The code name of elastomer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane. Related articles: The difference between my country and foreign waterproofing enterprises, business models, government and market.  Some friends have asked me these days, what kind of waterproof membrane do I need to use for waterproofing at home? But what I want to say is that waterproof membranes are not suitable for home improvement, so where are waterproof membranes mainly suitable?  Waterproof coiled material is a roll of waterproof material made of thick paper or fiber fabric as the base and impregnated with asphalt or other synthetic polymer waterproof materials. It is mainly used for building walls, roofs, tunnels, highways, landfills, etc. It is a flexible building material product that can be rolled into a roll to resist external rainwater and groundwater leakage.

Before construction, if the roof of the cast-in-place house is detected except for water leakage, it is necessary to find the property to respond to the situation in time, and then improve the waterproof layer, and check until there is no more water leakage. During the decoration and construction, in order not to cause trouble to the people downstairs and the future life, it is necessary to check the construction workers. In addition to taking care not to damage the waterproof layer, complete leak-proof measures should be taken, such as the connection between water pipes. Is it stable and fully closed?  If there is a leak in the roof of yourself or someone upstairs after you move in, you don’t have to make a big effort to open the floor tiles and apply waterproofing.

Elastic line, trial laying: pop up the control line on the base coating according to the actual overlap area, and strictly follow the control line to test and actually glue the coil to ensure that the coil overlap width is 6~7cm (there is on the coil Logo). According to the characteristics of the site, determine the elastic line density to ensure that the coil is pasted smoothly and will not be skewed due to accumulated errors. The coil should be placed in place for a trial first, and then the actual gluing can be started after the correct shape is cut according to the needs.  Node processing. Waterproof steel plates have higher requirements for welded joints, and no leakage will occur, which will affect the waterproof performance.  The specific precautions for installing the water-stop steel plate are as follows: The water-stop steel plate should not be exposed to the sun for a long time outdoors to prevent rain, and should not be exposed to heavy polluting chemicals. In the transportation and construction, in order to prevent damage to the machinery and steel, the waterstop is used. During the construction process, the water stop valve must be reliably fixed to avoid displacement when the concrete is poured, and to ensure the correct position of the water stop valve in the concrete.

The second-generation acrylate chemical grouting fluid is added with ingredients that promote the expansion of the gel in water, which better improves the anti-seepage and plugging effect. By pouring the acrylate grouting liquid into the fine pores, water-impermeable gel can be formed in the cracks, so that the fine cracks in the concrete can be well filled and compacted. In the actual application of Yuquan Waterproof, attention should be paid to the slurry concentration, gel time and grouting pressure. The slurry concentration should be A liquid with 40% acrylate monomer content, and mixed with B liquid to form a slurry with 20% monomer content. In use, the gel time is determined according to the leakage of pressurized water from the borehole, and the gel time should be shorter than the time of pressurized water leakage. At the same time to reduce the slurry loss.

Different price ranges also have MOQ restrictions.  The above is a reference price, which may vary from region to region. Generally speaking, the price of waterproofing membrane is determined according to the selected brand of waterproofing material and the type of waterproofing membrane, thickness and other factors. In this proposal for waterproofing engineering, in addition to the price of the coil, attention should also be paid to the quality of the waterproofing material, which is inferior. The price of the materials is very low, but the quality of the project cannot be ensured, and the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.  Consult the manufacturer for the specific coil price, and the actual price of the manufacturer shall prevail. And HG203 waterproof sealing coating has good extensibility, heat resistance, cold resistance, chemical resistance, aging resistance, flame retardancy, mildew resistance, high tensile strength of the coating film and high bonding humidity.  The method of waterproofing the roof. Construction environment requirements. In order to ensure the quality of construction operation and coil paving, construction should be carried out at +50C~+350C temperature. Polymer modified asphalt and polymer waterproof coiled materials should not be constructed below negative temperature. Hot melt method The paving coil can be constructed at temperatures above -100C. This coil is resistant to low temperatures and is not easily damaged by freezing at negative temperatures.