Elastomer sbs membrane waterproof price

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Elastomer sbs membrane waterproof price odor identification. The two-component cement-based waterproofing paste on the market is more stable than the one-component waterproofing performance. Secondly, the liquid material in the high-quality waterproofing paste has a light smell. On the contrary, the inferior waterproof paint will be strong and pungent. odor.  Check the waterproof effect.  Take polymer waterproof material as an example. The genuine product can be removed from the wall or floor with a knife. The rubber will not be broken when folded in half, and it is extensible. Many of the products are powdery, difficult to remove from the wall, and will break when folded in half.

SBS modified asphalt root puncture-resistant waterproof membrane: model thickness: 4mm, price: 56 yuan/m2.  Polyethylene tire polymer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane: model thickness 4mm, price 28 yuan/m2.  Polymer waterproofing membrane: model thickness, price 20 yuan/m2.  CPS active wet-wet workshop waterproofing membrane: model thickness, price 70 yuan/m2.  PVC polymer waterproof membrane: thick model, price 34 yuan/m2.  FSA self-adhesive modified bitumen waterproofing membrane: model thickness: 3mm, price: 51 yuan/m2.

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Part of the waterproof coating of elastomer sbs coiled material produces harmful gases during the curing process, which is harmful to the human body. Some waterproof coatings need to be painted multiple times to complete a waterproof layer, and there must be a certain interval between each application. Therefore, the completion of the waterproof layer takes a long time. During the construction of the waterproof coating, on-site management is very important. Cutting corners and shoddy work will take advantage of negligence in management. The thickness of the coating waterproof layer is determined by the number of coating passes during construction. In addition to the number of coating passes, the solid content of the coating itself is the determining factor for the thickness of the film.  Disadvantages of waterproof coating.  The paint needs a certain period of physical and chemical reaction to solidify before it can form a waterproof layer.

The distance between the exhaust ducts should be 6 meters vertically and horizontally, and should not be blocked, and connected with the exhaust holes connected to the atmosphere. Before the construction of the drainage roof waterproof layer, check whether the exhaust ducts are blocked, and clean and unblock them. It is not very difficult to make a waterproof layer of roofing coiled material. As long as we follow the roofing coiled material waterproofing process, implement layer by layer, strictly check, and carefully do every step of the work according to the specifications, we can prevent roof leakage caused by construction. . Related reading: Roofing waterproofing construction preparation work roofing waterproofing construction steps.

sbs waterproof membrane construction requirements.  The construction must be strictly in accordance with GB50207-2002 “Code for Acceptance of Roofing Engineering Quality” and design regulations.  The base layer should have a certain degree of strength, and it should not be crusted, loose, or uneven. It is necessary for dust and foreign objects on the roof and the joints of the warehouse.  3 The base layer requires drying and the water content is less than 8? Generally, the base layer is whitish without obvious water marks, or a 1mx1m linoleum is used to spread it flat on the surface of a clean leveling layer for 3-4h. If the surface color of the base layer covered with linoleum is still the same as the surrounding uncovered parts, and there is no obvious watermark, the moisture content has reached the requirement. Commonly used building waterproofing membranes are divided into three categories: asphalt waterproofing membranes, polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membranes, and synthetic polymer waterproofing membranes according to the composition of the material. Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision issued an analysis report on the quality supervision and spot check of construction waterproofing membrane products. Among the 103 batches of products sampled, 95 batches were qualified, and the pass rate was %.  This time, a total of 103 batches of building waterproofing membrane products were spot-checked, of which 93 batches were sampled from Jiangsu production enterprises, 5 batches were purchased from e-commerce platforms, and 5 batches were purchased from physical stores.

It has also been continuously recognized by users as an alternative waterproofing membrane.  Roofing waterproofing is a necessary process in house construction projects. Roofing waterproofing often uses waterproofing membranes. There are many types of roofing waterproofing membranes and it is difficult to choose. So which roofing waterproofing membranes are better? Next, the editor of Shandong Yuexu Building Materials will give you an introduction.  In the prevention and control of roof water leakage, we should vigorously promote the application of new waterproof membranes, and try to use advanced technology and better performance polymer modified asphalt membranes and coatings, and elastic-plastic sealing membranes. The practicability of self-adhesive waterproofing membranes is becoming stronger and stronger. Synthetic polymer membranes and coatings, as well as new rigid waterproofing membranes.

Choose different waterproof coatings according to geographic location.  The requirements for the location of waterproof coatings will be even higher. It is rainy in the south and snowy in the north. In the south, it is rainy and rainy roofs are often damp, with poor drainage and even water accumulation. In cold and snowy areas, some waterproof materials cannot withstand the cyclic changes of low-temperature frost expansion and contraction, and will age and fracture in a short time. Therefore, different waterproof materials should be selected according to different geographical locations.  Choose environmentally-certified waterproof coatings. Related waterproofing membranes: low temperature resistant waterproofing membranes, SBS modified asphalt self-adhesive waterproofing membranes, SBS modified asphalt waterproofing membranes, root puncture-resistant waterproofing membranes. Features. Fine powder: Water tightness is a highly effective moisture-proof, impermeable, and hole-blocking material developed by absorbing advanced technology. It is also an excellent bonding material. Firm and waterproof: its flexibility is much higher than that of cement, it has the function of adjusting the thermal expansion and contraction of ceramic tiles, and the ceramic tiles are not easy to crack. Long service life: It has water resistance, adhesion, crack resistance, flexibility, heat and cold resistance and aging resistance, and long service life.