Elastomer SBS modified bitumen waterproofing membrane for planting roof with root puncture resistance

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Elastomer (SBS) modified bitumen waterproofing membrane for planting roof with root puncture resistance 1 What is point adhesion method.  When paving waterproofing membranes, the membranes or perforated membranes and the base layer adopt a point-like construction method. No less than 5 points are bonded per square meter, and the area of ​​each point is 100mm*100mm.  1 What is the hot melt method.  A construction method that uses a flame heater to melt the hot melt on the bottom layer of the hot-melt waterproofing membrane for bonding.  1 What is self-adhesive method.  The waterproof membrane with self-adhesive glue is used, and the construction method of bonding is carried out without heat construction and no cementing material.

Pyrotechnics should be strictly prohibited at the construction site. Operators must wear safety helmets and work gloves. When using ointments and adhesives, operators should take care to avoid harm to the human body. The stacking of coils and adhesives should be stored in a location in accordance with safety and fire protection regulations. The stacking of coils should not exceed 5 layers, and should be managed by a dedicated person. The adhesive should be configured by a dedicated person. The materials and adhesives should be kept away from the source of goods and avoid sun exposure. .  Tools and materials should be delivered through the trail or lift, and it is strictly forbidden to throw them away.

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The lap width of adjacent vapor barrier (polyethylene film) material of elastomer (SBS) modified asphalt planting roof with root puncture-resistant waterproofing membrane shall not be less than 100 mm, and the overlap shall be bonded by butyl tape. The vapor barrier around the roof should be laid continuously upwards along the wall, no less than 150mm higher than the upper surface of the insulation layer.  The vapor barrier layer (polyethylene film) should be laid flat, straight, and overlapped. The detailed nodes should be fully pasted with special tape and compacted with a pressing roller, without pinholes and pores.   Laying thermal insulation layer.   The insulation board fixing gasket is flush with the surface of the insulation board, and the fixing piece should be fixed vertically on the nail holding layer, and at least penetrate the steel plate 25mm or embedded in the concrete base layer 30mm. Air paving is adopted between the vapor barrier (polyethylene film) and the base layer.

The internal corners of the trench bottom should be painted into a circular arc, and the external corners of the corners should be painted into an obtuse angle. Use a coating film of the same nature as the coiled material as a waterproof enhancement layer. The timber must be spread to the top of the gutter. See Figure 6.  1 waterproof layer, 2 additional layers, 3 sealing materials, 4 dry-laid coils.  The deformation joint is leaking. Phenomenon.   Water leaks along the cracks at the roots of the deformation joints and the seals on the joints. Cause Analysis.  The detailed structure of the deformation joint is improper, the inner corner of the root is not made of arc and waterproof additional layer, and the top cover is not used as a buffer layer. After the cover is broken, the waterproof layer is leaked.

First check whether the packaging complies with the regulations. The roll material can be packed in rolls with paper or plastic tape. There is a logo on the package, and the logo should include the manufacturer’s name, trademark, production date and batch number, production license number, precautions for storage and transportation, etc. The marking must be numbered according to the method, sequence and code specified in the standard. Each roll of material has a mark, and the material on the roll has no mark or the mark is incomplete.  Under normal storage conditions, the coils are stored for one year from the date of production, and the coils during storage must be re-checked before use before they can be used. We can guarantee excellent quality and low price for you. The company’s products are gathered from the Hebei branch and the Shandong branch as one source. We can learn from each other’s strengths and make up for the shortcomings. This greatly saves the cost of products and realizes the high quality and low price of the products. To a certain extent, it guarantees sufficient supply and rapid delivery.  The construction quality of the waterproof project directly affects the use of the building and even the structural safety. With the development of building technology, the quality of building waterproof construction and environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher. It is necessary to select more excellent waterproof materials and adopt advanced construction techniques to ensure the waterproof effect and structural safety of buildings.

Toilets account for a large proportion of household water and are prone to water leakage. Water leakage in the bathroom has a great impact on the family, such as: water on the floor, damp walls, water seepage, etc. So how to deal with toilet water leakage, and how to make the toilet waterproof? The editor of waterproof membrane manufacturers has compiled 7 tips for everyone.  Be sure to do wall waterproofing. Before laying wall tiles, do wall waterproofing. Generally, the wall surface should be 30 cm high in waterproof treatment, but for non-load-bearing light-body walls, the entire wall should be waterproofed, at least 60 cm high.

Elastomer (SBS) modified bitumen waterproofing membrane (Type Ⅱ: polyester felt, glass fiber felt, glass fiber reinforced polyester felt base).  Features.   has excellent low temperature resistance, low temperature flexibility can reach -25 ℃. Using polyester felt, glass fiber reinforced polyester felt base roll material has the characteristics of high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance and weather resistance, and strong adaptability to the expansion or cracking deformation of the base layer. Glass fiber felt is used. The tire-based coil has the characteristics of high tensile force, good dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance and weather resistance, but it has poor elongation. A good waterproof membrane, no matter in summer or winter, the asphalt coating will not slip, flow, or drop after construction. Among them, the isolation film of the self-adhesive membrane can not only stick to the asphalt layer, but also It can be easily peeled off without tearing off. The elastomer-modified asphalt coil should not stick to the coil, and there should be no flashing at the corners, otherwise it will be unqualified. The above is the relevant introduction on how to choose a good waterproofing membrane. I hope that the editor introduced can help you choose a good waterproofing membrane. For more professional waterproofing knowledge, please pay attention to Shandong Yuexu. Building materials manufacturers. c. Look at high temperature resistance.