SunSirs: On December 28th, Demand for Silicon Metal (441#) was Weak, and Price was Weak as well

2021-12-29by admin

  Market analysis

  The price of 441# metal silicon dropped again on the 28th. The average domestic market price was 21,460 yuan/ton. The price of silicon basically bottomed out. Due to the increase in electricity prices, some enterprises in Yunnan have shut down their furnaces for maintenance. The quotations of downstream silicones rose slightly. At the end of the year, the sentiment of downstream replenishment increased significantly, but the overall inventory in the market is currently large, and the downstream has a strong attitude of lowering prices. The price of aluminum alloy has fallen further, the purchase demand for raw materials is weak, and the demand for metal silicon has been weak.

  Outlook forecast

  Overall, the price of silicon metal is still stable in the short term.