SunSirs: On December 28th, China’s Aluminum Price Moved down Slightly

2021-12-29by admin

  On December 28, the average price of domestic aluminum ingots in the East China market was 19,973.33 yuan/ton, down 0.20% from the average market price on the 24th, 19,983.33 yuan/ton; compared with the market average price of 18,900 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month (December 1), an increase of 4.62% .

  The current aluminum price has fallen below the previous high and fluctuating operating range. At this year’s peak (October 19, 2021) aluminum ingot market average price of 124,240 yuan / ton, the recent cumulative decline has been 18.43%. Taking the average market price of aluminum ingots at the beginning of the year (January 1, 2021) at 15,726.67 yuan/ton as the benchmark price, a cumulative increase of 25.73%.

  Influencing factors

  The price of overseas aluminum alloy stagnated, and it was slightly green. The transmission of natural gas from the United States to Europe has brought down the price of natural gas in Europe, and the energy contradiction has been slightly eased. The main reason for the increase in this round of rise has gradually disappeared.

  After the recent rebound in aluminum prices, the market is generally trading, mainly because consumption has entered the off-season recently, especially the weak demand for construction aluminum profiles and aluminum cables is expected to be strong. On the supply side, Yunnan’s resumption of production is expected to increase. Increased. It is expected that the depletion of domestic inventories will slow down.