Jinzhou Recycling MDI-Waste Utilization-Innovative Value

2021-09-13by admin

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The recycling of waste paint introduces the problems of environmental protection and the low utilization rate of spray paint, which is an important problem that plagues the painting process of the above industries. According to the relevant monitoring data, the adhesion rate of the sprayed paint is usually only 10-20%. After the sprayed paint is atomized into a paint mist, it diffuses with the airflow, causing serious pollution. The use of dry paint mist filter material, non-polluting dry spray paint mist filtration and purification device, the use of dry filtration to process paint mist, high purification efficiency, low operating costs, no water, no pollution, showing great superiority , Quite satisfactory. However, when the dry-type spray paint mist filtering and purifying device is saturated with the paint mist particles in the filter unit of the dry-type paint mist filter material, the dry-type filter must be taken out, and the paint mist filter material must be manually cleaned and beaten to collect the paint mist particles. pink. In response to the current demand for protection, more and more waste recycling industries have developed rapidly. Waste paint recycling is one of the most important businesses. Through the use of this type of recycling business, these waste paints can be completely recycled. , Will not have more impact on nature, so this kind of recycling work is very good and valuable. Moreover, the recycled waste can be reused after being processed by professional equipment. In the past, many waste products such as scrap metal and waste plastics may be the problem of manufacturers, occupying space, wasting resources, and causing pollution. The relevant staff of the waste paint recycling company especially told us that at the same time, the waste paint recycling industry was born at this time, which just solved the headaches of many manufacturers, not only created economic benefits, but also avoided waste and loss of resources. . The relevant staff of the waste paint recycling company especially told us that the waste paint recycling industry is actually an environmental protection industry, which can be turned into a tool for collecting money. At present, no one pays much attention to the waste paint recycling industry, and the industry atmosphere is also very poor. Now there are many unlicensed waste paint recycling stations, so the relevant staff of waste paint recycling companies especially told us that the contradictions among various manufacturers in the market have intensified, and all kinds of voices have appeared. Therefore, it is not easy to carry out the recycling of waste paint, and it must be a formal recycling company. Jinzhou Recycling MDI-Utilization-Innovative Value