Jinzhou recycles MDI-only what you can’t think of-no one I don’t recycle

2021-09-13by admin

Our company is oriented to [home collection of cash settlement], long-term and large-scale recovery of various expired inventory backlogs of chemical raw materials, chemical additives, dyes, pigments, paints, resins, silicone oils, silicone rubber, rubber additives, plastic additives, daily chemicals Raw materials, paint and coating raw materials additives, raw materials, raw materials, intermediates, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, electroplating auxiliaries, direct fluorescent yellow, permanent violet, lithium carbonate, cobalt acetate, cobalt alkoxide, cobalt oxalate, cobalt neodecanoate paint , Ink, rubber, hot melt adhesive, titanium, paraffin, flavor, Jinzhou recycled MDI-only you can’t think of-there is no rosin, curing agent, emulsifier, polyol printing paint paste, polyether polyol, different Ester, Jinzhou recycled MDI-only you can’t think of-there is no MDI, leather additives, plastic additives and raw materials, rubber additives and raw materials, coating additives and raw materials, electroplating additives and raw materials, and Japanese Chemical raw materials, thermoplastic elastomers, color masterbatches, copolyformaldehyde, paraformaldehyde, surfactants, sodium alginate, organic bentonite, petrolatum, sodium lauryl sulfate, cellulose, vanillin, Jinzhou recycled MDI- Only what you can’t think of-there is no menthol, ,,, EDTA disodium, tetrasodium, whey protein, lanolin, polyalkane, catecholic acid, sebacic acid, tripropane, powder, fumed white carbon black that I do not recycle , Oleamide, Erucamide, Polyacrylamide, Acrylamide, Caprolactam, Maleic Anhydride, Phthalic Anhydride, Hydroquinone, Resorcinol, Jinzhou Recycling MDI-Only you can’t think of-There is no phthalic acid that I do not recycle Phenol, trimellitic anhydride, succinic anhydride, neopentyl glycol, polyethylene glycol, photoinitiator, Jinzhou recycled MDI-only you can’t think of-no ethyl paraben butyl ester, thiourea that I don’t recycle , Hot melt glue, guar gum, xanthan gum, pectin, malic acid, bisphenol flat plus O, styrene-acrylic emulsion, emulsion, tannic acid, H acid, lauric acid, fumaric acid, salicylic acid, Tartaric acid, mannitol, citric acid, xylitol, stearyl alcohol, fatty alcohol, adipic acid, stearic acid, fatty acid, oxalic acid, boric acid, Tween Span, leveling agent, defoaming agent, dispersing agent, Thank you very much, Jinzhou recycles MDI-only what you can’t think of-no one I don’t recycle
Waste oil recovery personnel summarize from the following six aspects (1) Before regeneration, try to deposit as much as possible to remove water impurities, which can improve the power of distillation and filtration and reduce the loss. (2) When distilling, pay attention not to fill up the oil. It is advisable to participate in two-thirds to avoid oil spills. Do not heat up too fast when the temperature is 80-100 degrees Celsius. After distillation, the oil temperature should drop below 150 degrees Celsius. Can release residual oil to avoid spontaneous combustion. (3) Shenzhen waste oil recycling points out that rubber gloves and protective glasses should be worn during disposal to avoid. The acid residue should be buried deep, not overflowing everywhere, and it can also be mixed with residual coal as fuel and burned. (4) Dry the clay before use, and take it in slowly, otherwise it will cause a lot of foam and overflow in the oil, and even fire.

Hope to establish a good cooperative relationship with large enterprises to achieve a win-win situation for both parties. The company takes “purification, waste of resources, and prevention of secondary pollution” as the slogan, and achieves a win-win situation for all parties as the premise. Company business scope: 1. Paint category: waste paint recycling, waste ink, waste plastic paint, metal baking paint, various furniture paints, etc. 2. Cleaning agents: waste boiling oil and water, waste recycling, plate washing water, gun washing water, etc. 3. Benzene: waste, waste toluene, waste trimethylbenzene, etc. 4. Class: waste ***, waste, waste ring and so on. 5. Solvents: waste, waste, waste, etc. 6. Alcohols: methanol, waste ethanol, waste butanol, waste isoforms, etc.
Energy conservation and environmental protection are becoming more and more popular in society. Waste paint recycling is also used as an environmental protection work. The original paint is divided into many types. From the use, it can be roughly divided into plastic paint, hardware paint, wood paint, etc., in terms of composition Divided into water-based paint and oil-based paint. The recycling value of water-based paint and cured waste paint is not high. Water-based paint is taken out of context and is water-soluble paint. It is usually used for construction. The solid waste paint enters the air due to insufficient sealing work, or is in the air for a long time, and the paint is cured for a long time after the expiration date. Although it has no recycling value, it can be used as an excellent fuel.
Plastic raw materials, masterbatch, poly, polypropylene, EVA. Printed nickel screen, various imported domestic dyeing materials, color base, naphthol, brightener. Dyestuffs: printing dyes, fur dyes, metal complex dyes, vat dyes, disperse dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, cationic dyes, basic dyes, weak acid dyes, sulfur dyes, printing pastes, sodium seaoxalate, etc. Dyestuffs and auxiliaries for printing and dyeing. Pigments: cadmium red, cobalt black, chromium oxide green phthalocyan blue, phthalocyan green, scarlet powder, Lithol scarlet, copper gold powder, aluminum silver powder, aluminum silver paste. Lake. Color paste, color base, ultramarine blue, light fast pigment, permanent pigment, paint pigment, red lead powder, yellow lead powder, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide red, medium chrome yellow, lemon yellow, plastic pigment, rubber pigment, pearl powder , Menthol recycling, gold powder, silver powder, zinc powder, chromium powder, powder, scarlet powder, and other organic and inorganic chemical pigments.
What is waste paint recycling?