Tai’an County buys MDI for long-term recycling

2021-09-17by admin

News Tai’an County buys MDI for long-term recycling

Door-to-door recovery of expired inventory of chemical raw materials, dyes, pigments and intermediates; recovery of waste hydraulic oil, gear oil, heat transfer oil, white oil, glycerin, silicone oil, paint, paint, ink, graphite, UV resin, UV paint, epoxy resin , Resin, alkyd resin, resin, silicone resin, curing agent, diluent, emulsion, various solvents; recovery catalyst, polyether polyol MDI, blowing agent 141B, diethanolamine, ammonia, tetrahydrofuran; recovery of trioxide Antimony, BYK leveling agent, iodine, potassium iodide, rosin, stearic acid, palm wax, paraffin wax; recycled rubber accelerator, antioxidant, antioxidant, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, recycled various hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives , EVA, jelly gum; acquisition of polyol, polyacrylamide, polysodium, guar gum, wood gum powder, cellulose, phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, copper and gold powder, silver powder, and nickel; recycled film, titanium, powder, alginic acid Sodium, printed nickel mesh, recycled flavors, essential oils, vanillin, menthol, and many thousands of chemical raw materials. The company purchases all chemical raw materials processed by the company due to conversion of production and system, debt repayment, warehouse inventory processing, warehouse relocation processing, and process improvement.

Under the guidance of the head office, the Shanghai Headquarters will continue to serve the real economy first, take active actions, promptly understand the confusion of foreign companies using currency settlement, patiently answer related questions, provide targeted policy guidance and services, and propose practical and feasible solutions from a professional perspective. The solution to eliminate the worries of foreign companies using currency, and help promote the development of currency. 13 [Department: To cancel the operation license of 14 enterprises’ cross-regional value-added telecommunications services] According to the news of the Ministry, 14 enterprises including Guangdong Yinyunte Network Technology Co., Ltd. applied to the Ministry to terminate the operation of relevant value-added telecommunications services. For the rights and interests of telecommunications users, and to properly solve the problem of user aftermath, according to regulations, the relevant information on the proposed cancellation of cross-regional value-added telecommunications business licenses is now publicized. The publicity period is from May 13 to June 12, 2020. 02 [The data of the 4th battalion has improved. All cargo overtime chartered flights are 476.4% year-on-year] Jin Jun, the second-level inspector of the Transportation Department of the Bureau, is through.

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