24 hours a day for fast door-to-door recycling of MDI recycling price

2021-09-17by admin

Shuida Chemical’s material recovery public period recycles a large number of waste chemical materials from inventory as follows:

: Door-to-door recovery of various expired daily chemical raw materials, products, washing raw materials, paint raw materials, paint, ink raw materials, inks, plastic raw materials, plastics, raw materials, rubber additives, rubber, raw materials, various additives, various , Various resins, solvents and more than a thousand kinds of chemical products, with formal procedures and qualifications

1: All kinds of waste dyeing cloth dyes, 2: plastic organic and inorganic pigments, pigment pool materials, sweeper materials, 3: plastic masterbatch, plastic particles, head materials, 4: paint factory raw materials, ship paint, automotive paint, Wood paint, anticorrosive paint, 5: various resins, pure acid resins, resins, epoxy resins, polyester resins, resins, petroleum resins, phenolic resins, solids, etc. 6:, fructose, xylitol, flavors, Expired food, 7: insecticide, technical medicine, 8: plastic additives: plasticizer, antioxidant, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, zinc stearate, calcium stearate, lead stearate, etc., 9: Various rubber and additives, natural rubber, nitrile butadiene, styrene-butadiene, ternary isopropyl, accelerator, antioxidant, titanium, 10: various raw materials, intermediates, 11: offset printing ink, plastic ink 12: day Chemical raw materials, 13: polyether polyol, polyol, cellulose, MDI, iso-acid fat, black material, white material, etc. 14: electroplating chemical raw materials, zinc oxide, cuprous chloride, stannous chloride, cobalt oxide ,, nickel, etc., nickel mesh, 15: daily chemical raw materials, flavors, etc., all kinds of waste oil, waste wax, emulsion, etc.! There are still many not written, as long as you are dealing with chemical products, you can contact our company to cooperate with you in good faith

52 [Shen Xiaoming of Hainan Province holds a provincial special meeting on the research field of 5G applications and the construction of “three-medicine linkage and one network”] Shen Xiaoming pointed out that Hainan’s grassroots sanitation construction has achieved phased results, and the hardware level is obvious. It is necessary to promote 5G technology-based Informatization construction makes up for shortcomings, and strives to realize “small illnesses do not enter the city, and serious illnesses do not leave the island.” It is necessary to urgently promote the construction opportunities of “new infrastructure”, win the support of superiors, and give priority to the deployment of 5G in the health field, and promote the development of the 5G industry in the health field while facilitating the medical treatment of the masses. (Hainan Daily) 10 [Ministry: Speeding up the construction of all-optical networks and 5G networks and building industrial Internet big data centers] On April 23, the Industrial Internet Industry Application Promotion Conference was held. Deputy Chen Zhaoxiong emphasized to speed up the construction of all-optical networks and 5G networks. Promote the transformation and upgrading of the internal network of industrial enterprises and external connections.
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Polyol 17-99 is also called sizing resin (Sizingresin), abbreviated as PVA17-99. White or fine powder or flocculent solid. The glass transition temperature is 85°C, and the saponification value is 3-12mgKOH/g. It is soluble in hot water at 90~95℃, almost insoluble in cold water. An aqueous solution with a concentration greater than 10% will gel and freeze at room temperature, and will become thinner and restore fluidity at temperature. In order to increase the viscosity, an appropriate amount of sodium, calcium, butanol and other viscosity agents can be added to the solution. PVA17-99 solution causes more gelation of borax than PVA17-88, 0.1% of the solution will gel 5% PVA17-99 aqueous solution, and cause the same concentration of PVA17-88 aqueous solution to gel the amount of borax 1% is required. For the same concentration and the same degree of alcoholysis of the polyalcohol aqueous solution, borax is more likely to gel than boric acid. PVA17-99 is more resistant to solvents such as benzene, chlorinated hydrocarbons, esters, ethers, and hydrocarbons than PVA17-88. It will gradually change color when heated to above 100℃, quickly change color when above 150℃, and decompose when above 200℃. The discoloration of polyols when heated can be achieved by adding 0.5% to 3% boric acid. It has good light resistance and is not affected by light. It has chemical reactivity such as esterification, etherification and acetalization of long-chain polyols. A bright fire will have a special smell. , Sexless to human skin.