Xiaohe buys Desmodu MDI-recycling expired caustic soda wholesale

2021-09-17by admin

Xiaohe buys Desmodu MDI-recycling expired caustic soda wholesale

FEP is not easy to catch fire and there is very little smoke. Baking: 15℃/2~4 hours. Dry the raw material beer for 2 hours, and bake it for 4 hours when the sprue is added or the weather is wet from February to May. Smoking is strictly prohibited when using this material. If you smoke, you will fall into a cold-like state (not even if you bring cigarettes). Barrel residence time: no more than 5 minutes at 39°C, no more than 25 minutes at 37°C. Mold temperature must be above 1~13℃, temperature setting: rear: 315~33℃, 32~34℃ middle: 33~35℃ before: 345~37℃ nozzle: 345~37℃. The injection speed should be slow, just fill the mold with the slowest speed.
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The development of the synthetic leather industry can be said to be changing with each passing day. Especially in recent years, with the application of new materials and new post-processing techniques, the grades and patterns of synthetic leather products have been developed. The development and use of various special surface materials from the initial gloss increase to the later cracking, discoloration, crazy horse, rubbing, sheep’s hair, spray varnish and other materials have made synthetic leather products diversified and diversified. It has been widely used in various fields such as luggage, shoe materials, clothing, furniture, vehicles and so on. This article mainly introduces the application of the more popular new materials such as moisture curing, oil leather, polishing, water-washed clothing leather, and clothing leather fog-washing on synthetic leather. Sincerely research and develop a number of patents to help the manufacture of sophisticated panels. With the development of environmental protection concepts and new materials, replacing steel with plastic and replacing wood with plastic has gradually become a development trend in many fields. Plastic sheet material is an important category of plastic building materials. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, excellent electrical insulation performance, and easy secondary processing. It has become an indispensable environmental protection material in modern buildings and has gradually replaced some metal parts in production and processing. With the continuous improvement of processing technology, plastic sheet materials have more excellent product performance, and are developing in the direction of being more environmentally friendly, economical and beautiful, and practical. PP and PE hollow boards have the characteristics of fire resistance, heat resistance, UV protection, and impact resistance. With the gradual promotion of plastic building materials, people have put forward higher requirements for the performance of hollow boards.