Weak Demand and Weak Rebound in Zhengzhou Date Prices

2021-09-26by admin

  Disk situation: CJ2109 highest reported 8760, lowest reported 8555, and closed 8670, -0.46% compared to the previous trading day; trading volume 60664; position 45516, +1426; basis difference -670, +50.

  News: According to Chinazao.com: The market situation in the production and sales areas continues to be sluggish, the delivery speed has not improved significantly, and there are still not many buyers coming to purchase. Old customers have sporadic transactions to maintain transactions, and transactions are mainly based on small-level sources such as second and third levels. Mainly, there are very few large-scale sources of goods available, and the overall buying and selling atmosphere is light.

  Spot market: the national average price of first-grade gray dates is 8000,0; Cangzhou, Hebei: first-grade gray dates 6700,0; Zhengzhou, Henan: first-grade gray dates 7000,0; Xinjiang Alar price: first-grade gray dates 8500,0 . (Unit: Yuan/Ton)

  Warehouse Receipts Inventory: 1606 ZCE red date futures warehouse receipts, +0 compared to the previous trading day, and 132 effective forecasts.

  Position analysis: The current ZCE red date futures contract top 20 long positions 27534, +1051; the top 20 short positions 28101, +139, net positions are -567 lots. (Unit: hand)

  Summary: The spot price of red dates nationwide remains stable. There is little change in the sales of red dates in the sales area, and the market is still dominated by small-level sources. The merchants who come to buy goods are relatively sporadic, mostly on-demand purchases, and the consumer side of red dates is still in a sluggish state. At the same time, the number of seasonal fruits on the market has increased, and the price of frozen red dates is mainly based on quality. Sellers are not willing to ship at low prices, and the shipment speed is still slow. Operationally, the CJ2109 contract is recommended to sell high and buy low in the range of 8,500-8900 yuan/ton in the short term.